26 Feb No Bikes 2015: Gallery by Aaron Gates


Seth Bernard – Layton, UT

I’ve been fotunate to grow up around a lot of awesome bike riders, many of whom were on this trip. We had lots of different styles – street guys, trails, concrete shredders. We rode a lot of stuff. Mostly parks, but a lot of stuff.


David Clay – Bonneville Salt Flats


Andy McGrath – Layton, UT


Tony Piff – Salt Lake City


Cary Lorenz – Heber City, UT


Greg Rooke – Ketchum, ID


Tony Piff – Hailey, ID


Matt Horak – Somewhere in Idaho


Mat Ridgeway – Salt Lake City, UT


Cary Lorenz – Salt lake City, UT


Mat Ridgeway – Salt lake City


Greg Rooke – Heber City, UT


Matt Horak – Heber City, UT

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19 Feb No Bikes 2015: 35MM Gallery by Cary Lorenz


Each year, I’ll map out a course of skateparks that I want to ride in a new part of America and invite a few carloads of friends that I’ve met over the past two decades of riding bmx. As many of us get older, these trips are a way to remind ourselves of simpler times when we didn’t have jobs, kids, or significant others. To be clear, adulthood is great and I think there are amazing benefits to all of those things, but every once in a while it’s therapeutic to be able to set the every day heavy lifting aside and hit the road with the only concerns being where to camp and how long we’ll last at a bunch of epic concrete giants before security, darkness or exhaustion forces us to move on.

Cary Lorenz brought a 35MM camera and captured this adventure perfectly (on film!). We’ll be posting more photos and an edit from our trip through Idaho and Utah in the days to come.

0002_23 0003_22 0004_21A 0005_20 0009_16 0010_14A 0011_14 0015_10 0015_10A 0020_5A 0022_3 0022_3A 0023_2

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17 Feb NE 2015 Photogallery by Zach St. Clair

Zach St Clair is a young Timmins/Markham/TO shredder who is known for his riding and as of late spot searching. Maybe a lesser known thing about Zach is that he’s also very talented behind the lens, wether it be filming or taking pictures. He was nice enough to put together this awesome 2015 photogallery for NE featuring some of his Ontario homies, check it.


  • Ryan eles with a crook 180 at a super sick spot in the city. Ryan slammed into the wall hard atleast 3 times halfcabbing out of this one.
  • Spencer with a toothhanger to 180 into traffic on a busy road in the east side.
  • Joel Fortin getting so much pop mid hard 180 bar. Jeremy Deme putting in work behind the lens as always.
  • Ryan Eles with a heavy nose bonk 180 on the bench and down the 2 block for the lens of Jeremy Deme on a cold day in Montreal.
  • DWOK member Jack leonard doing a stylish nollie 360 down this sick 2 block in Montreal.
  • Joel Fortin assuming the position to capture some biking for the Northern Embassy "Out Biking" mixtape filled with sick clips from a heavy selection of Joel's homies.
  • Garrett Kholer popping off this little wallride into a parking garage during a session this summer. Keep an eye on this kid, he learns new tricks everytime he rides and isn't slowing down.
  • Spencer Ryan learning new tricks at the spot with his first ever pegs to switch whip. Go watch his radio edit another time to see the footage.
  • Joel Fortin with another picture perfect example of how much pop he has.
  • Often behind the camera but not in this case. Jeremy Deme with a tight wallride. Presence Last Stand in the works as we speak.
  • Mandatory clip review after Ryan Eles pulled his line clean while probably listening to some thugger.
  • Ryan eles with a switch crook 180 crook indian at a key warmup spot in montreal on the OGCxMTL trip this october
  • Dylan Legget with a big 180 barspin to end a line, he has been quietly killing it in torontofor a minute. #skavageK (Photo by: Liam Regan)
  • Northern Embassy stickerslap on the docks.
  • Dylan Leggett with a scenic barspin in the fountains at dundas square.
  • Spencer with a pegs hard 180 bar on this dope out rail. Tyler Rizzi getting low for the angle.
  • Spencer with another banger. Ledge ride to nose bonk 360 into the road. Shout out to gold teeth.
  • Mad man Spencer Ryan getting gnarly with a gap to switch hanger going full speed, as always while filming for his Radio bikes edit.
  • Ryan with a switch pegs hard as seen in his Federal X OGCBMX edit. Ryan sessioned the rail with a few tricks then banged out the switch pegs hard second try.
  • Joel "working" on his tables and doing them super good at a fun tranny spot in toronto.
  • The Sus crew leader Mike Depetrillo sending a deece tailwhip after only straight jumping it once at a sick A-frame roof spot while we were out cruising this fall.
  • Brandon and I took a day trip to Barrie to film with the homie Joel Fortin. Webster on a switch hanger attempt moments before shoulder checking the pavement.
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01 Feb Dillon Lloyd Getting Buck – the early years


We never typically take a trip down a personal memory lane on here but there’s a first time for everything so here goes.

In the winter of 2009, as was the case every winter, Montreal riders were forced indoors. Lucky for us, UAB (a private indoor bike park ran by Liam of now 514BMX) was open and kept us shredding all winter in the best possible environment. Dillon had been slowly growing taller and shredding harder and harder over the last couple of years, essentially everyday since he started riding. I’d seen Dillon around at UAB and from him being around the chats crew whenever he could sneak a ride into the city to ride street with them. I remember one summer day in particular where Dillon laid under 5 bikes in the trunk of Ryan Kirnan’s Mazda Precidia so he could ride the city with the crew. Five bikes and five people in a Precidia still doesnt make sense to me but somehow they managed, and luckily didn’t get in an accident or Dillon wouldn’t be alive today. Dillon was a young kid, an ADD kid who would literally drop in at UAB if anyone hesitated to drop in for a split second. A kid who was never short of energy, was constantly looking for trouble and was always very entertaining on and off a bike.

It was winter of 2009 that MTL locals really started noticing Dillon’s riding. He’d gotten really really good riding UAB nearly everyday and was doing stuff a normal 15-16 year old should not be doing and very casually. He’d actually use cushions from the couches of UAB to create a “foam pit” or “resi” on the 6 foot quarter of UAB and learn flairs and more that way. This is nowhere near typical Woodward or Joyride resi, this was half a foot of cushioning from old ass couch cushions that people had thrown away because they were so worn out, barely saving Dillon from braking his neck. That winter I asked Dill if he wanted to film over a few sessions to see what we could come up with. I didn’t know Dill too well at the time and honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this hyperactive kid. Low and behold he produced enough footage in a few sessions to produce a 3:30 long edit.

At the time we’d been making Presence DVDs every summer, just buds riding, exploring Montreal, chilling, drinkin, having goods times and documenting it for the memories. That’s what BMX is all about right? Dewey and Greg had gotten hooked up on Federal with some help from Montreal’s Max Vincent putting in a good word for them (and more importantly the fact that they were absolutely killing it) and Mike Fiz would later get on United as well. Not having a clue how anything industry worked, or really caring, I decided to do the completely wrong thing to ever do in emailing a few companies Dillon’s edit. Looking back on it, it was a really dumb thing to do. Web edits were in their early stages at that time and I thought we were sitting on some real gold here. We received the typical and exact response we should have received “Dillon is a shredder but for a rider to get sponsored we typically want to get to know him and see more of him before putting him on our brand”. Again, completely understandable and warranted but also funny to look back on now.

Then we got the email “Jeremy, what’s your phone number and when would you be available to talk?”. I would get a call a couple days later from none other than Jay Miron. Jay was blown away by Dillon, his riding was incredible, especially for his age. Jay’s only concern was “Is he a shit head? Be honest man because we need to know that and it’s super important before doing anything with any rider”. My response was simply “Jay would I lie to you at the risk of you fighting me? Your Jay Miron, I’m not gonna lie to you”.

Jay would send Dillon a bike days later and a few weeks later Dillon, Greg and I would meet up with the MacNeil/ Ten Pack homies in Toronto for a recession tour trip. That was one of the best trips, meeting Jaumell, Chij, Silva, Harley, Beal, Sexsmith, Harrison, Dave, and of course Jay. Dill was everyone’s little brother on the trip, earning the nickname YP (young pimp). He obviously killed it and held his own with all of the older dudes but he also kept everyone laughing/ entertained the entire time. I remember this to this day that Dill was infatuated with Sexsmith’s working out/ protein meals. We were on our way to a cabin in the woods for 3 days, everyone needed to buy food to last the three days, Dillon was at the cash of the grocery store with only a bottle of protein, he was convinced he could eat only protein for the next 3 days to start getting fit like Travis.


Flash forward to summer of 2011. Dillon comes to Vancouver to spend a few weeks with me to film for the Hunt video contest. He absolutely kills it and is on a mission the whole time. He ends up a respectable second place, behind only Chad Kerley. Dillon Would film this amazing Cali edit over that winter with Sean Cooke, doing some of the gnarliest crank arms for it’s time and of course Dillon absolutely killed it for the NE Barcelona DVD and essentially every team trip he’s ever been on.


Flash forward even further, from multiple incredible edits, international trips, to now a signature parts line with WeThePeople. Dill had a ton of dopes clips in some trip edits over 2015 (including most recently the Red Bull Metro pass seen here) and has a couple of crazy things about to drop very soon as well so look forward to that!

In all of this possibly the one thing that makes Dillon even sicker is the fact that he would be riding his bike today no matter what. Alot of people don’t know this but before Dill started riding BMX he was essentially Canadian wrestling champion until he tore his ACL and decided to start riding BMX after he healed from that. Dillon is the kind of guy who just picks up things way too quickly and is incredibly talented in most ways. Dill never made riding about getting sponsored, he just rode with friends and it worked out for him. Dill didn’t come from a wealthy family who sent him to woodward to train during the summers, Dill has worked for everything he has today. We’re just lucky he grabbed a BMX when he did and we have been able to witness his madness over all these years.  A modern Canadian Beast.


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29 Jan Catching up with Tristan Sweet


Tristan Sweet is a name you often hear out of the Vancouver scene. Whether it’s an edit, killing it at a jam, a crazy doube tire ride somewhere, filming editing something for his friends, Tristan seems to be in the mix of things so we caught up with the mega productive 19 year old Sunshine coast to Vancouver transplant.

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25 Jan Downward Spiral

Cache purge of footage from the PNW including Vancouver, Victoria and Portland.

Amos Franke, Zach Rampen, Thomas Arden, Colin Fried, Adam Piatek, Brandon Van Dulken, Orlando, Slade Scherer, Matt Desson, Barrett Skylerchuk, James Dean, Jordan Fair, Taylor Elvy, Duke Thompson-Kurz, Swerve, Jeff Jeglum, Andy Roode, Nik Lindstrom, Braden Barnard, Owen Dawson, Nigel Sapriken, Andrew Gobbo, Greg Flag, Kris Conn and Sean Cooke

By Oh So Visual

Audio by Eh Roy and MOSFETT

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20 Jan Canadian ramp troll – Justin Schwanke

Ramp Accumulation

I get asked often how I accumulated so many ramps. For many years, my dad and I built set-ups
together. However, the most major additions have come about rather unconventionally. I was incredibly
fortunate and acquired ramps from the Thorsby Ramp Park when it closed down a number of years ago.
I also had some of the old 1664 Street Justice contest ramps donated to me. These were both
bittersweet experiences. It was sad to see the indoor park and contest cease to exist, but at the same
time I was able to expand my backyard playground.

Each of these opportunities became extensive deconstructing, transporting, and building projects. In the
case of the indoor skatepark, all of the ramps were originally built inside. Consequently, they had to be
taken apart to fit through the tiny doors of the building. We then had to transport ramps for each of
these projects to my home. Curious looks from the neighbours were commonplace.



Riding Patterns

I don’t ride the ramps as much as I should in the summer. That sounds surprising, I know. My summer
months are typically spent in the city riding with the crew, rather than having solo sessions at home.
During school, particularly in the fall, I ride the backyard often. With an office job, a research assistant
job, a teaching position for statistics labs, school assignments/studying, and relationships, I don’t have
much time to ride with friends throughout the semester. However, my backyard is the perfect place to
take a break, catch a quick hour long session, and simply have some fun. After a ride I’m usually
refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Photo Credit: Tyler Steckly

one foot euro
Photo Credit: Kass Haut

Furball Fiends

Precarious creatures indeed, Richardson Ground Squirrels, informally referred to as a gophers, are
adamant backyard residents. Despite numerous eviction notices, as well as rigorous extermination
efforts, these rodents still lay claim to the land. One’s ability to dodge gopher holes while riding the
ramps is a skill in and of itself. It adds a whole new element to bike control, especially when hitting a
hole and managing to stay atop two wheels. This summer I began filming a video dedicated to my furry
enemies. My mission was to film a variety of bicycle stunt maneuvers utilizing one common obstacle: a
gopher hole. Despite my young age of 21 years, I anticipate the video will be the culmination of my life’s
work. Kidding.

Buzzworthy Occupants

As a result of the prolonged periods between sessions in the summer, there’s another frequent pest that
takes up residence in the backyard. These pests are neither furry, nor cute. Instead, they have black and
yellow stripes, wings, and stingers. Wasps are what I’m alluding to. These insects like building their
homes underneath the ramps, but surely do not appreciate someone airing above them. Nonetheless,
further extermination efforts can be an additional source of childish entertainment.


Snap, Crackle, Pop

Colin’s ankle injury is the most grotesque event to occur in the backyard. 5 years ago my friend was
trying a 270 hip transfer and landed with his foot down at a weird angle. Colin walked away from his
bike upon impact, but then immediately went to the ground. He started screaming “My ankle is broken!
My ankle is broken!” At first we thought he was joking around. However, his yells persisted and we went
to see what was wrong.

Colin’s foot had literally rotated 90 degrees and was stuck there. We carried Colin towards the house
and sat him down on the tailgate of a truck. The ambulance came shortly thereafter and took him to the
hospital for surgery. He ended up breaking a bone in his lower leg and dislocating his ankle which is
what allowed it to rotate. Fingers crossed for safe sessions in the future.



I’m incredibly grateful and have a lot of people to acknowledge. First and foremost, I have to thank my
dad. From building that first ramp to tackling big projects such as deconstructing the Thorsby park and
transporting the Street Justice ramps, he has been there every step of the way. Although he
understandably gets annoyed with me at times, it’s amazing that he continues to be this supportive of
my love for BMX. Much thanks to my mom for tolerating the ramps all over her yard. No thanks to the
few neighbours that think our backyard is an “eyesore.” Thank you to the Village of Thorsby and Bernie
at 1664 for hooking up some serious additions to the backyard playground. Lastly, thanks to my brother
and friends for helping out with the ramps, and providing constant entertainment in the backyard.

Check out a portfolio of videos, photos, and articles for our crew, Weird & Revered (www.weirdandrevered.com). You can also follow us on Instagram @weirdandrevered or like us on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/weirdandrevered).


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