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Bell Jam at Joyride150

24 Feb Bell Jam at Joyride150

On Friday February 20th, Bell helmets hosted ‘Bell Jam’ at Joyride150. Bell helmets flew in San Diego native Connor Lodes for the jam.

Although sessions were had throughout the park, with the new A frame rail in the street room a best trick comp was help for Am and Expert/Pro classes.

Filmed by Jeremy Deme and Chris Cadot. Additional filming by Tyler Rizzi.

Thanks to Joyride150 for letting us film the Jam!

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TBT – Metro Jam

26 Feb TBT – Metro Jam

With X-Jam one week away, what better timing to TBT a Metro Jam. Eric Favot and Zeb Dennis fully took over Notro last year and the change was obvious enough in it’s first year. With some of the new obstacles in the works for this year, it’s safe to say this one will be one for the books. With the direction and push these guys are giving the event, we can only hope that X-Jam becomes as awesome and big as Metro Jams were.

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Joel Fortin – OGCBMX X NE

24 Feb Joel Fortin – OGCBMX X NE

This is how you jump start your weekend! Joel Fortin’s been hibernating between the Boiler Room and Joyride 150 this winter, quietly putting work behind and in front of the lens of his trusty VX. Joel is an incredibly tech rider and this edit is proof. Joel kills it!!!

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Salt Spring Island Day Trip

23 Feb Salt Spring Island Day Trip

“The boys were getting bored of being snaked at Vicwest, so we decided to embark on a mystical quest to the magical land of Saltspring, where we rode our bikes and did our thing.
-Ky Brisebois
-Derek Morgan
-Dan Irwin
-Jeff Jeglum
-Mike Carroll
-Jordan Fair
-Duke Thomson-Kurz

Song: Get Back -The Beatles

Filmed by: Derek Morgan, Jeff Jeglum , Ky Brisbois
Edited by: Derek Morgan”


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Antlife in LA

20 Feb Antlife in LA

The Antlife crew recently took a trip to LA to escape the Newfoundland winter. This is the result. Check the site here for pictures and more story behind the trip.

“I mean pretty much we (Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey, Ryan Antle and I) just wanted to get out of Newfoundland to ride and chill somewhere that winter isn’t a problem. Our buddy Dave Scott from Newfoundland who has been living in BC the last few years met us out there part a few days in. We ended up drinking a lot of cheap booze, met a lot of dope people, smoke a lot of good dope, and had some fun on our bikes it was a solid time.”

– Paul Pike

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Colton Ponto — Transition X Northern Embassy

18 Feb Colton Ponto — Transition X Northern Embassy

“Defense Against the Spy”
Colton took a trip to Vancouver in the spring and broke his wrist there. After healing up was able to pull a few clips together in the fall for his Transition BMX Shop video. Thanks to his sponsor Transition BMX, for hooking it up!
Filmed in Edmonton, Alberta

Filming — Isaac Barnes & Jared Chilko
Edit — Colton Ponto

Song — “ABC City” by Holograms

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