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Ryan Eles – Welcome to Federal

24 Oct Ryan Eles – Welcome to Federal

Coming up through the ranks over the years, Ryan Eles just found himself a spot in the Federal Family. Ryan throws down some smooth moves across Ontario and Montreal to the backing tracks of DJ Kool. This edit has me reminiscing over summer and middle school dances. Congrats Ryan!

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TBT – Hoby Gumbler

23 Oct TBT – Hoby Gumbler

As good as it is, the web is a black hole, where great edits can be forgotten in days. Every Thursday we’ll be featuring an edit that is/was rad and deserves more shine time. Starting with Vancouver’s Chris Smith and this beauty from 2010, filmed by Surrey Steve. Chris is a legend to say the least, I can’t think of too many guys who have been a part of the Vancouver scene longer than he has. Chris’ riding has always been fast, dialed and super fun to watch. HEVIL

If you have an edit in mind that you feel should be posted up under our TBT, send it via the contact & submissions page.

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22 Oct ✄SCRAPS

Scraps that didn’t make it into the Jabtape, as well as some other homeless clips collected here and there.
Featuring the Lifestyle Ikonic Crew and the one and only CA$HMAN as himself.
Film: Everyone
Edit: Tristan Sweet

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22 Oct Whips: Brad Hill by Mason Gray

 Back in February of this year I had the hopes of starting a BMX ‘zine, more or less to fill the gap that opened up due to the disappearance of The Union Press. With that inspiration, it wouldn’t have made any sense for me to not hit up the man behind it, Brad Hill. For all those who don’t know, Bobby has been pushing Canadian BMX through his involvement with BMXFU & The Union Press for many years. He’s more recognized for his work behind the camera rather than in-front of it, which is a damn shame because the man can do one hell of a peg-chink. This Bike Check & shit-shooting session was thought to be lost but, due to the miracle that is modern email, it was recovered. Give it a read and then go watch the original Bobby’s Mixtape if you have a brain & some spare time.
Name: Bobby Hill
Age: 24
Locaton: Vancouver
Frame: MacNeil Barrato
Fork: MacNeil longtubes
Bars: MacNeil Tabarnaks
Pegs: Animal Lino G’s
1.How long you been cruisin’ on 20″s for?
13 years now.
2.Spray paint is your bestfriend, true or false?
Yeah pretty much, I mean if you want to have your bike one colour then get the black. I had some stupid looking bikes in the past when I was on a WTP Omen. I walked in my garage once and Greg Hen just painted one side of my frame chrome. Rode it like that for a while.
2.5 How many different colours has this thing been? hahah
Honestly just 1. I haven’t had a non-raw bike in years so I figured id just buy a raw frame. The last two frames I had were raw from the start.
3. you mentioned this bike was alot of hand-me-downs from your homies, who gave you what?
The bike I’m riding now mostly came from my roommates. Taylor gave me a frame, Luke hooked up a wheel, Roode gave me some tires and John Alden supplied a stem. Most of the parts are whatever I could get for cheap, I won’t lie.
4.Hows she handle in the snow?
Alright I guess. As good as a bmx can. Ate shit on my way to work not too long ago.
5.Whats the most used and abused part on your whip?
Back wheel… bump jumps.
6. Enlighten the children about the benefits of 4.5″ Lino’s.
Imagine endless feeble grinds.
7. Got any random stories that involve your bike?
The fame I’m on now has actually been stolen twice and retrieved in 24 hours both times. I don’t know how the fuck Taylor got that horseshoe up his ass but it fucking comes in handy. Like any BMX rider knows though, most stories you have are because of your bike and where it’s landed you. This guy came back a couple times so we’ll keep the stories coming.
8. Are you planning to escape the canadian winter at all?
I did dude, I’m in Vancouver. It’s been raining but isn’t that typical? It’s good out here.
9. Any shoutouts you wanna give?
Yeah shout-outs to Taylor, Dave, Luke, Roode and John for keeping me rolling and Orbell’s garage for keeping this whip stylin.
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Business X NE Toronto Trip

21 Oct Business X NE Toronto Trip


This year for our annual Business trip we decided to head to Toronto, with the plan of stacking some clips for Business 2. We ended up having an incredibly productive trip so decided to put together this video of the time we had and release it on the web. I’m stoked on our crew for killing it riding and partying, one of my favourite trips to date. Don’t forget to check the gallery of disposables we shot during the trip.


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Corey Walsh by Brad Hill

20 Oct Corey Walsh by Brad Hill

Corey air small

Think Corey Walsh only knows how to ride through complicated obstacle courses? Think again. Brad Hill sent over these two images of Corey blasting and jumping at Hastings in Vancouver.

Also check below for footage from this past weekend’s Texas Toast contest in Austin where Corey was the first rider to successfully make it through the Gauntlet of Death. Congrats!

Corey gap 2 small

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Olivier Croft

20 Oct Olivier Croft

Saguenay, QC’s Olivier Croft kills it! This was filmed over a three month period and is surely just a sign of what’s to come from Olivier.

Filmed and Editing : Evans Murray

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