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BMXFU – Meow Mix by Chris Cadot

30 Mar BMXFU – Meow Mix by Chris Cadot

Cadot has been putting in work for this mixtape over the past year and it came out so sick. “”Last summer we came up with the idea to make a mixtape “Meow Mix” to hold people over till Fu666 drops. Thanks to everyone who was involved, chipped in behind the camera and sent in clips. Watch it with your buddy pally’s, get swirly, light up a diggity dope stick, get black out drunk and re-watch it. Hope ya’ll enjoy. Fu666 out soon.”

Riders: Brad Hill, Jordan Krupa, Lee Dennis, Jake Montgomery, Trent Barker, Greg Henry, Shawn Swain, Paul Hoerdt, Chris Cadot, Kenny Oliver, Charlie Crumlish, Jordan Dwan, Nick Dagg, Andrew White, Chris Orbell, Dave Wininger, Glen Hoerdt, Chijioke Okafo, Greg D’Amico, Spencer Longo, Jack Leonard, Chris Silva, Jeremy Deme, Gabe Truax, Spencer MacFarlane, Dave Raffa, Dakota Welbourn and Mark Hoerdt

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Hevil HD

30 Mar Hevil HD

This is whatsup! Surrey and the Vancouver Hevil homies just dropped this epic 6 minute edit (feat. Dave Myers, Andy Roode, Jeff Evans, B-Real, Chris Smith, Biz, Calyton Fifield, Andy McGrath, Jason Enns, Sean Emery, Sam Lowe and more) and a new website . Check them both out now and get stoked for HEVIL HD.

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CANCER BATS – DEVIL’S BLOOD Chijioke’s “footage remix”

27 Mar CANCER BATS – DEVIL’S BLOOD Chijioke’s “footage remix”

Here’s an interesting idea, Toronto band, the Cancer Bats launched a new music video featuring exclusively Chijioke footage.

We’re so stoked have this amazing video put together by our talented ripper of a homie Chijioke Okafo! We’ve known Chijioke for a while as a Toronto BMX dominator and have had our minds blown daily following his tail whips on them internets. One day while hanging out with Chijioke, as he built my new bike, I asked if he’d ever want to put something together with one of our jams. I played him “Devils Blood” and was pumped to cut something together! Now we’re way too excited to share this collab with the whole world! ” Click here for the full story and check out this music video they made in 2008 which also has BMX reference.

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TBT – Chris and Chi

26 Mar TBT – Chris and Chi

Our homie Chris Cadot has been working his ass off on the BMXFU Meow Mix tape which is dropping tomorrow so what better timing to post a TBT of him and Chijioke Okafo shredding Joyride during a winter sesh last year. Check back tomorrow for Meow Mix, you’ll be glad you did!

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Business: A day in 16mm

25 Mar Business: A day in 16mm


Byron Kutchera just put together this little video filmed on 16mm film. His goal was to show what a typical day cruising around Halifax is like and he nailed it. Really stoked on how the film looks and how it turned out, all the film burns and slow-motion effects were done in-camera too, those things are rad. Riders are Adam Berry and Martin Tonner.

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Lafarge Night

23 Mar Lafarge Night

Lafarge is one of the few lit parks in the tri-cities of Vancouver,BC, it’s also home to a couple of Canadian shredders including Adam Piatek, Owen Dawson. The homies put together this edit of the Ferda boys killing Lafarge in two sessions. Enjoy.

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