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Wildwood Cycles – Jesse Hildebrandt

23 Nov Wildwood Cycles – Jesse Hildebrandt


Most of us at some point or other have had the misfortune of discussing a BMX bike with someone who doesn’t ride. The typical “how does .25 of an inch make a difference?”. Whether it’s top tube, chain stays, head tube angle, stand over or other features, only dudes who actually ride BMX know that .25″ can make a huge difference on how your bike feels.

With every rider wanting their bike to feel a certain way, frame geometries have really changed over the years and vary much more today than ten years ago. With these changes, there’s been a growing demand for custom frames. Although it is a small group of riders who are willing to spend a bit more for exactly what they want, they are out there and take pride in riding a frame which is 100% the way they want it.

Jesse Hildebrandt is a Victoria, BC native who has been handcrafting beautiful bikes in his spare time for some time now. He has been running his own custom frame, the Day Moon, all summer. Jesse shreds so you know this thing is solid.


The frame features:
BB HEIGHT: 11.8″
REAR END: 13.4″
TOP TUBE: 20.75″

“Basically I based the geo off of angles I have always preferred, but decided to go with a taller stand over than anything readily available to the BMX market to be a bit unique. Honestly I almost didn’t even notice the height difference until I tried to hop it over some taller stuff but after getting used to it it feels amazing, it’s way more stable in the air and much more comfortable when sitting down. The frame weighs in at a hair over 4 pounds made of double butted supertherm tubing, with a mid BB, long taper head tube, curved seat and chain stay bridges, and bullet tipped 6mm drop outs”. Additional images can be seen here.
Jesse has been working on Carl Arnett’s frame (above) for the past little while and it also looks amazing.
Check the Wildwood Cycles site here check back soon for the Wildwood promo edit Jesse is currently working on and hit him up if you are looking for a Day Moon or custom Canadian made frame.
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4 year anniversary – TBT early days

20 Nov 4 year anniversary – TBT early days


It’s hard to believe but this week marks our 4 year anniversary. Although that may not seem like a long time, 1,365 posts and over 200 edits later, to us it feels like forever. This site would not exist without all of our contributors, a huge thanks goes to all the homies who have created a feature or features, edits, ideas, logos, or even just sent us a link to an edit. There’s too many to name but you know who you are! A huge thank you goes out to BMX Gallery 4130 who have supported NE since the beginning and also to Etnies/Timebomb who have also supported the site and all of our contests for many years now. This site would also not exist without the support of you guys, riders across Canada, thank you for checking this site out!

We hate to ask, but if you enjoy this site please share this post with a link to our FB page and/or insta page.

BMX in Canada is bigger and better than ever today, we look forward to many more years to come.

To celebrate 4 years, and the fact that it’s TBT, here’s a look at a few of our earliest edits that we had been saving for the official NE launch.

Papa Matt Desson is one of those dudes who can film an edit in days, and that’s pretty much how this edit started. Some igloo clips, Woodyard and street clips, this was one of our first and Matt put in work for it.

Your favorite street rider’s favorite rider, Corey Dewey put in tons of work for the Ten Pack DVD in 2010. So much that Sean Cooke had this much left over footage and this edit/ interview fell into place. Dewey is and has always been a big hockey/Habs fan and is also a super serious dude so the song seemed like a solid choice.

Edmonton’s Mike Boag has been one of Canada’s hidden gems for years. Mike’s a super well rounded rider who’s been killing it forever, this was filmed by Taylor Elvy and edited by Luke Santucci.

This one kind of just fell into place while filming Desson’s edit. Hango’s first time ever riding the Woodyard but you’d never know it. The wallride to table he does near the end of the edit is opo slanted, it’s hard to explain but essentially it doesn’t really make sense to wallride, nevermind wallride to table. Hango can make anything work.

We could have posted many more edits but here’s a few other really early NE edits if you’ve got the time/wintertime blues: Ghetto mansionJames Steele, Jaumell vs Luke game of Bike, beer pong with Luke

Thanks for your continued support, big things to come!

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19 Nov Andrew Lazaruk Washington Concrete

Lazer Euro Beacon Hill

Andrew Lazaruk passed through Seattle this weekend on his annual journey to California. We took some time to finish up filming for an Embassy edit that’s been coming together for a while. We also went to Beacon Hill Skatepark and shot the photo that everyone takes there.

Lazer Tireslide Milton

Milton Skatepark is covered in pool coping and different variations of “no bikes” tags. One of the things I like about Washington parks is that the builders were never afraid to build unconventional and challenging setups – Milton is like that. The walls are steep and the park has many different transitions. Not all of the lines work, but figuring out how to ride the park is challenging and fun. This tire slide was in a particularly difficult spot, but Andrew is pretty good at figuring out lines.

Lazer 3x Judkins

Seattle skatepark builders are often guilty of building bmx parks. This step up hip out of the bowl at Judkins is a prime example. Here Lazer finishes off a sunny evening with a 360 x-up.

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18 Nov SETUPS – Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento


Current Setup?
My Camera is a sony a99 that I plug to a Sennheier MKE 400. For lenses I have a sigma 15mm fisheye, a sigma 50mm and a Rokinon 16mm wide angle. I use a glidecam hd-2000 for stabilization.After that I have my usual stuff that I always have in my bag and a Pentax k1000 for film pictures,

Who are your favorite riders to film with and what are a couple of projects you really enjoyed working on?
I’d have to say Etienne Charlebois and Joel Marchand. It’s always nice when you have a good relations between the filmer and the rider and with these to it was always a good time! I always have a good time filming. I get so stoked when the rider lands a trick! I enjoyed every project I worked on!

As a filmer who also shoots photos, do you ever have a tough time deciding what to shoot that day?
Not really… Usually I always decide if im shooting pictures or videos before paking my bag so I only stick with one or the other for the day.

With more and more riders wanting a photo and video footage of their tricks, do you ever wish you could do both at the same time? haha
Hell yeah man! It’s the worst when you have an idea for the filming and the picture at the same time and you can’t do both! haha

Any tips or advice you have for filmers getting into the game that you wish you knew when you were starting?
To really know how to set your camera (youtube is a good place to learn!) always shoot in raw format and always have fun!
And also get low and close! Use the fish at it’s full potential

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