Ramp Check: Slade Scherer’s Adventureland

Slade Scherer is a mad scientist. His laboratory equipment consists of power tools, screws, 2×4’s, and plywood sheets. The experiments Slade can conduct with those materials are seemingly limitless. His most recent experiment, a backyard ramp in Kelowna, British Columbia is the culmination of a year and a half of hard work. Kostya Chimkovitch and …

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The Gorilla Jam Interview with Josh Bissat

The Gorilla Jam—hosted in Victoria—is one of British Columbia’s longest running and most attended BMX events. We caught up with Josh Bissat to learn more about the history of the jam, its standout moments, and his inspiration for keeping it going year after year.

“Off The Grid”

[arve url=”” /] BMX riders/Call of Duty experts Liam Regan and Dylan Leggett have been piecing together this mixtape for the last little while, and it came out awesome! Featuring Ben Kavanagh, Matt Comeau, Dylan Leggett, Dan Donaghy, Andrew Low, Jacob Carlos, Liam Regan and Cyrus C.