The Joel Fortin Interview
13694210_10208369221607040_1676143511_o Joel Fortin is a Barrie,ON youngen who has been popping up more and more over the past couple of years and with good reason. He's a humble dude, crazy tech, great filmer and loves bikes/biking. Read on...
History: Spots/terrain
As BMXers we travel countless KMs to ride new spots, parks and trails. Our girlfriends and non riding friends have to endure our stopping and scoping of spots when they have absolutely no idea what or why we are looking at these things. We know/knew that a family summer vacation is also scoping new spots along the way and hopefully bringing your bike along (if you're parents are that cool). Although we look at cities and architecture in a much different way than those who don't ride, an interesting and scary thought is to imagine if these things did not exist. Imagine if handrails were never made to help people down stairs. Imagine if cement/ asphalt was not across our cities but rather gravel and grass (@rodeopeanut). Imagine what's to come which we have not yet seen. Here are some interesting dates and history on some terrain we ride and maybe take for granted today.
USA Tripin in LUXURY

May 14th, 2016:  Fresh across the border, none of us could believe me made it across, with no issues in an 1983 converted school bus with 4 BMX bikes on the back. May 15th:  Lake Anita state park in Iowa, we set up and cooked some good food to fuel us...

BMXFU X Northern EMbassy Camping shirts
NEshirt3 Over the years we've had some limited but memorable clothing runs. We've been wanting to do a collab with BMXFU forever and the stars aligned to create this beauty of a shirt. This shirt represents some of the best things that come hand in hand with BMX, being outside, exploring unknowns, camping with buds and so much more. To be fair the dudes at BMXFU did all of the work but we couldn't be happier with how they turned out! Support the homies and grab a shirt while they still have some, grab a hat, a pin, some wax or whatever else you might need knowing every penny you spend is going back to them riders at BMXFU. Click here to cop one
TBT Corey Dewey – Ten Pack Video

Been feeling nostalgic today and stumbled onto this beaut on the hard drive so decided to post a late TBT. You're favorite riders actual favorite rider, Corey Dewey put in work for the Ten Pack video which earned him last section. Hard to believe the Ten Pack video is already...

Greg Henry – 9 to 5

Greg Henry has been a part of the Canadian BMX scene for well over a decade now. As an OG BMXFU member, an awesome biker and all around bad ass dude with pretty much the best attitude ever, we hit him up for our second 9-5 installment. What is your 9-5? I...

nobikes2015tonypiff 127
No Bikes 2015 – Odds, Ends and Other Stuff

Left to Right: Andy McGrath, Greg Rooke, Seth Bernard, Matt Horak, David Clay, James Nelson, Aaron Gates, Mat Ridgeway, Tony Piff, Slade Scherer, Nick Lindstrom, Colby Brouilliard, Wayne Anasogak, Cary Lorenz, Ty Scott, Duke Hardcastle, Dave Butler. Vans, lakes, salt flats, temples, hot springs, dams, bike piles, twins. This is the...

Cole Ramseyer – MTL escape

Put together by Mitch Radcliffe, a glimpse of what's to come from the Woodstock, ON native Cole Ramseyer for the Classic DVD...

No Bikes 2015: Gallery by Aaron Gates

Seth Bernard - Layton, UT I've been fotunate to grow up around a lot of awesome bike riders, many of whom were on this trip. We had lots of different styles - street guys, trails, concrete shredders. We rode a lot of stuff. Mostly parks, but a lot of stuff. David Clay...