NE x Joyride 150 Canadian Street Invitational – In the Books

The first NE x Joyride 150 Canadian Street Invitational is in the books and it couldn't have been better. The experts killed it, Zack St Clair, Matt Stiehl, Stephane Sum, Mike Depetrillo, Spencer Longo, Jason Kearnan, Lee Giroux, to name a few. Cole Ramseyer got picked by Mike Gray's team and...

NE Exclusive: IMPORTED bmx Crew vol.1 – Vlad Poloukhine
Vlad Poloukhine and the Imported squad have been holding it down in Montreal for many years now, we couldn't be happier to host their mixtape which Vlad and crew have been working on for several years now. Read on for more info on the project from Vlad himself.
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DVD Review: Atlantis Vancouver “Battle of the Birds”

Atlantis Vancouver have had a busy year; from opening the brick and mortar, stacking the team, hosting jams/ TAIFs, a team trip to Victoria and now dropping a dvd: 'Battle of the Birds'. Although he's humble about it, Orlando is the man behind Atlantis and he's the reason all of this...

9 to 5 – Matt Desson
dessondwhip With the BMX population of Canada at an all time high, we thought it could be interesting to share what some of Canada's shredders do outside of their riding time. Starting with Kelowna/ Vancouver's Matt Desson.
NE: Zach St Clair – 2015
Zach St Clair is everything that is good in a sea of young riders today. At only 17 years young, Zach is humble, well spoken, talented, constantly spot searching, and takes pride in being in front of and behind the lens. Having spent the last few winters a walk away from Joyride150, it's no secret that Joyride had a significant impact on Zach's riding. Unlike alot of riders today, Zach can shred anything, and very well. This is Zach's first real full street edit, he spent most of 2015 working on it and it shows. We couldn't be more stoked to share it with you on NE. Read on for a short Q&A we did with Zach, along with a few pictures taken while filming this edit.
Jaumell Campbell : STAY MAD

Jaumell is one of the most humble and chilled out people I know; a true OG. This was filmed in spotty fashion all throughout Edmonton this past summer/fall. Jams knocked all these clips out in his trademark nonchalant style that's truly one of a kind. Stay Mad! -Jared Chilko Film/Edit: Jared...

NE 5 year Anniversary TBT
NE 5 year Anniversary TBT
Screen shot 2015-11-26 at 11.44.29 AM So we had a few ideas for this, one of which was to pick one clip from the over 200 edits we've been fortunate enough to create/ host over the five years and create an epic TBT edit but it was simply too hard to choose one clip per edit honestly! Instead here's a look back on some of our favorites over the years. Do not click this unless you have a good amount of free time, there's a ton of good ones to enjoy!
Catching up with Jared Chilko
  Jared Embassy 2 Jared Chilko is a name that most Canadians should be very familiar with. JJ has been a part of/ shredding in the Canadian BMX scene for over a decade now and shows no signs whatsoever of slowing down. Jared also possesses some true Canadian characteristics being humble, down to earth and extremely talented. We at Northern Embassy are very grateful of Jared's help over the years, from edits, pictures and many other things he's graced the NE pages with over the years, we are big fans of JJ. Jared has had a busy and life changing year, we caught up with him to get all the details! Photo by Kevin Mabey
Whole fam at the DIY
Business MTL trip gallery

[metaslider id=17630] Every Summer we go on a road trip to Montreal to film a bit for the DVD and drink a lot. We've been trying to get into the habit of taking a handful of disposables with us to capture key moments to remember the great times we had during...