Video Round Up (2022.1)

02 Jan Video Round Up (2022.1)

In a world of 15-second Instagram clips and constant social media churn, here’s a silver platter of Canadian BMX videos from recent months. This is the Northern Embassy’s Video Round Up.

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Full-length honour roll:

Corey Walsh and the Fast & Loose Crew with their Nora Cup winning video of the year, Pull Back or Die. Click through to YouTube to check this one out. It’s restricted when we embed it.

Web Videos:

Vancouver street mix from Tristan Sweet featuring Matt Perrin, Ky Brisebois, Lynden Chartrand, Kyle White, Chad Ferch, Drew Morton, Jay Park, Shelby Hare, Kent Fuller, Jordan Siudy, Spencer Macfarlane, Mitch Radcliffe, Nick Halisheff, Nate Royes, Brandon Sawchyn, and Nathan Hines.

Team Luxury young guns, Ethan Malik and Owen Zandstra.

Team Luxury in the streets of Montreal featuring Jason Green, Justin Hughes, Austin Karker, Justin Kirnan, Spencer Macfarlane, Ethan Malik, Sebastian Morgenroth, Ben Murphy, Jason Petersen, Spencer Ryan, Mat Stiehl, Mike Tripp, Owen Zandstra, and James Duncan.

The undisputed Video Round Up MVP, Brenten Wylie is back again. Brenten has now appeared in 4 out of 5 Video Round Ups we’ve posted over the past year.

Gavin Ingram tailwhipping his way across Ontario.

Mini documentary piece with Saskatoon’s Brandon Derbowka.

Southern Ontario mixtape #1. Riders: Skooty Mcbooty Sean Rowan, Thomas Smith, Nick Paisley, Anthony Bloch, Royee Ben-Chorin, Bob Osmond, Wenhao Yu, Nick Paisley, Maxime Lemire, Devon Plooard, Marc-Andre Bellemare, Ruthless Aussie, Jeffrey Lapointe, Landon Barnes, Chijioke Okafo, Sunny Kim, and many more.

Southern Ontario mixtape#2. Riders: Denis Bejtic, Harrison Forward, Harley Haskett, Andrew Dexter, Dan Cauchi, Christopher Genova, Ian Willms, Royee Ben-Chorin, Ian Christison, Stefan Karniej, Will Robinson, Scott Carluccio, and more.

Southern Ontario mixtape #3. Riders: Royee Ben-Chorin, Ruthless Aussie, Skooty Mcbooty, Nariman Yessir, Sean Rowan, Devon Plooard, Anthony Bloch, Devin Crathern, Harrison Forward, Christopher Genova, Anthony Reid, Thomas Smith, Sunny Kim, Jeffrey Lapointe, Chijioke Okafo, Brent Curl, Byron Kutchera, Blaire Forceone, Ian Christison, Miami Mike, and more.

Vancouver Island BMX featuring Yannick Tysl, Danny Liu, Aaron Cheng, Jake Trumble, Andrew Gobbo, Andy McGrath, Taylor Stos, Matt Perrin, and Josh Bissat.

There’s something very wholesome about this 6-minute video of raw clips from New Brunswick’s Sim Chamberland. It’s quintessential BMX in rural Canada: Gravel, sketchy ramps, random obstacles, dogs running around, trucks and RVs on the driveway, a forest backdrop, and some creative maneuvers.

Seth Varga and Matthew Linsley’s Western Canada vacation.

Two years worth of indoor footage from Seth Varga at Saskatchewan’s best beach themed bowl.

Two full sections from Saskatoon’s Heitor Morgado and Derek Crossman plus appearances from Kyle Lizo, Jayden Schindel, Marshall Smith, Lucas Lapointe, and Ross Svennes.

Heitor Morgado, Derek Crossman, and Marshall Smith in Calgary.

A day in the life of Stephanie Nychka.

Travis Kozie and Carson Donovan at Horseshoe Bay skatepark as captured by Darcy Peters.

Montreal street jam courtesy of HOTANDCOLD brand.

Rob Chapman for Ruets Bike Co.

From the Canadian BMX video vault:

The maddest BMXer this side of the 49th parallel, Jaumell Campbell in 2015. He’s still mad 6 years later.

Little Devil in Vancouver circa 2002. Riders: Jason Enns, Matt Beringer, Van Homan, Pat Juliff, Kris Bennett, Josh Stricker, Marvin Loetterle, Nate Hanson, and Dave Osato.

Embassy Exclusive Re-cap:

Connor Campbell street section for our NE Recruits project. Check out an accompanying interview with Connor here.

Chijioke Okafo with a masterclass in spot use from the lens of Joel Fortin.