Author: Riley McMaster

28 Nov Smoking Tom, Taking Back The Alley

Another collaboration from Vancouver’s plaza inhabitants Thomas Arden & James Dean. An all night diddy that shows Tom’s high cruisability style. He hits only back alley non-spots that make you question the things you unassumingly roll by.
Apparently this was all filmed with a GoPro tied to an LED panel 4 times its size. Technology these days, eh.
You really should keep up to date on WORLDDEECE.COM

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21 Nov Isaac Barnes Reaches Nobility

I guess I’m out of the loop, I thought Isaac still rode for Bulldog Bikes Worldwide.
Turns out, Isaac Barnes has been out of commission from a bum wrist for a good part of this year. So good to see him running peg first into every ledge and rail again.
The mid-edit bail/peace sign montage is topped with a subliminal shoutout to his favorite crew. See if you can find it.

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17 Nov The Works of Brad Hill


One of the main creative forces behind the BMXFU empire is Niagra native Brad Hill. A recent west coast transplant, Brad has been compiling a selection of his work on his new site. Along with some of the videos he is well known for, the photographs posted are the real treasures. Brad shoots a lot of handsome medium format scenery shots, some striking riding photos, super chill lifestyle images, and stunning nature snaps. There’s a great variety of mediums and styles that makes his portfolio an outstanding glance.

Peep Brad’s work:

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12 Nov Killemall at Texas Toast

Texas Toast brought a slew of Canadians way down south for their last chance of catching some UV rays for the year. Among the Canadian contingent was a bunch of the the Killemall distribution guys. Owen Dawson, Brandon Van Dulken and Dirty Dave made it down to cruise the streets, carve the vert ramp, and get a couple of runs on the course.

If you haven’t ever felt the need to go check out Austin yet, this is one more drop in the motivational bucket. Toast or not, Austin is dope.

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10 Nov Random Photo: BVD By Shawn Duffield


Randomly came across Shawn Duffield’s Flickr and found a couple of gems. A perfect tuck by Brandon Van Dulken off the roof, over the fence and staring straight into that barely visible grass bank.

Shawn’s name might be recognizable from filming and editing most of BVD’s content lately. His photos prove his keen eye for a strong sense of perspective. A mix of nature and riding photos, there is more than enough quality material to warrant checking out.

Shawn Duff on Flickr

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31 Oct Sick As Hell-O-Ween Jam Video

Our very own Zach Rampen made this obscure video of a tripping gorilla hanging out at a skatepark. His friends are a strange Village People mix of a construction worker, army man and Ras Trent.

Keep chasing that giant banana Kong, you’ll get it one day.

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21 Sep First Look: Manual Across America

Manual Across America from Chilling Spree on Vimeo.

Chilling Spree Presents a First Look for the Northern Embassy.

I have travelled back and forth across America on the regular for the past couple of years. Every trip is its own undertaking. With new destinations, routes, vessel, and agenda, each year is a completely different trek.
With all the driving, flying and even road biking across this glorious continent already ticked off the list. I really needed something big to one-up myself this summer. There was a lot of prep and training required for this leaned-back journey. I am proud of myself for making it this far…

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20 Sep World Deece’s World Premiere

The always recording James Dean has started a new project under the moniker WORLD DEECE. Already he is off to a quick start with two new videos in its first week. Including the one above of JD and Drew Morton’s American adventure, as well as a record shattering barspin clip.

JD is really consistent on producing dope content. A site to chronicle every bit coming out into the world was long overdue.
Check it out at

Where’s the DVD, James?

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