Classic presents NASHVILLANS – Mitch Radcliffe

“On new years day Andy Vanstemp and I [Mitch Radcliffe] headed down to the only slightly warmer city of Nashville, TN. We had a plan set in our minds to film as much as we could, so we could put out a trip edit and save a few golden nuggets for our full length project “The Classic video” – which will be out sometime in early 2018 and features a bunch of heavy hitters who have been quietly shredding for years in the shadows of southern Ontario. We didn’t realize how cold it would be still, after driving 11 hours south but we made the most of the sunlight and dry ground. After two weeks of battling the elements and hanging with some of the coolest humans on earth we retreated back through the snow with this six-ish minute mix of fun park/street riding and a gallery of Polaroid photos from our adventure. As for the heavy gems that are stacked away for the DVD, y’all are going to have to wait to see those!” Mitch Radcliffe/Classic

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