BMX Gallery One year anniversary/Jam/Mistakes & Failures/Embajada en Barcelona premiere

It’s safe to say it was a big week for BMX in Calgary last week. BMX Gallery 4130 celebrated their one year anniversary and held a jam at Millenium, Ryan Davis & friends held a show of featured artwork at BMX Gallery, and there was a premiere for our Embajada en Barcelona DVD. Read on to see a bunch of pictures from all the festivities and congrats to Gallery for hitting the one year mark.

Cee-lo for an Embassy DVD pack.

Full house.

Happy anniversary boys.

Devon Rohl popping off hard.

Darcy Peters – blastin a table

Ryan Davis aka Boycott aka Mistakes & Failures, and buds.


Product toss.

***big thanks to Austin Odegnal for hooking up these dope pics***