5: Whitefish

Whitefish is a complete tourist destination with antique shops, restraunts and the massive ski resort visible from downtown.  The skatepark there had to of been the biggest one on the trip, three separate bowls, one with a huge transistion style street section.

whitefish from no bikes on Vimeo.

Right away you could tell it was a local only, skate only park.  Except for a few early vibes the skaters there were fairly cool, they told me how the owner of Grindline has family in Whitefish so when they built the park he went all out, and it showed.  The locals silicone every crack and seam in the concrete each fall, and clear it off each winter.

David found a few box jump like transfers out of the park and did everything that made Cory Nastazio pro ten years ago, but with pure Alaskan style.  Jordan did an accidental Joe Rich impression.