Zach Rampen

Downward Spiral

Cache purge of footage from the PNW including Vancouver, Victoria and Portland. Amos Franke, Zach Rampen, Thomas Arden, Colin Fried, Adam Piatek, Brandon Van Dulken, Orlando, Slade Scherer, Matt Desson, Barrett Skylerchuk, James Dean, Jordan Fair, Taylor Elvy, Duke Thompson-Kurz, Swerve, Jeff Jeglum, Andy Roode, Nik Lindstrom, Braden Barnard, Owen Dawson, Nigel Sapriken, Andrew Gobbo, …

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Ode to Bonsor

On the west coast of Canada, we are more than fortunate to have a wide variety of A class concrete parks at our disposal. Here, we pay homage to one of our favourites Metro Towns, Bonsor Skatepark. Often during the summer, we’ll find ourselves having a chill session with a few good homies.

Amos Franke for Etnies/Timebomb

[vimeo id=”116432185″ align=”left” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” aspect_ratio=”16:9″ maxwidth=”1200px”] Around this time last year, Amos Franke was pretty under the radar in Canada. The people who have known Amos, know he’s had some exceptional abilities on a bike for sometime. The eternal Nelson hippie, combats his typecasting, with the dedication of an Kenyan endurance runner. It’s great …

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MacNeil After Hours

[vimeo id=”113185352″] Although it is the warmest place in Canada, anyone who’s been to or lived in Vancouver during the winter knows it sees a ton of rain. The MacNeil dudes put a few warehouse ramps to good use during the rainy season, filmed and edited beautifully by the man, Zach Rampen. Featuring Amos Franke, …

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