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25 Apr Weird & Revered: Fiending 4 Fun

Man this is awesome. Justin Schwanke and friends just dropped this incredible full length mixtape that they’ve been filming for a hot minute. Features riding from Cali, Washington, and the crews home of Alberta. So much incredible riding in this, and of course a Weird and Revered video wouldn’t be complete without the antics. Hit that play button and follow the gang on Instagram¬†and Facebook.

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30 Oct Proficiently Efficient: Justin Schwanke, Thomas Henderson and friends in Germany


I’ve always been stoked on Justin’s videos, the personalities of Justin and his friends really come through to give a “just having fun” feel and this video is no different. I’ve known of Justin for a while through old BMX forums and Facebook, and was stoked when he hit me up to chill for a day while on a layover in Halifax on his way to Germany. I could finally make that connection to the dudes having a blast in his edits. Tons of awesome looking German spots that him and Thomas Henderson (and others) killed.

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29 Sep NE Hidden Gems Contest – Non Finalists

Trust me when I say that the judges had a very difficult task in judging this contest. We received 18 amazing edits, and although these 8 didn’t quite make the cut, they are all awesome in they’re own way. BMX isn’t and shouldn’t be a contest. That may sound weird considering that this was a contest but in reality it’s more of a motivator, an event to get people to document the amazing times that you have on a BMX. As corny as it may sound all 18 of the edits we received are winners.

Another big thanks to our sponsors: Odyssey, Etnies, Eclat, We the People, MacNeil, Fiend, Merritt, Gopro, BMX Gallery 4130, Repset, Federal, Sunday bikes and Joyride 150.

Above is Thetford Mines, QC’s Joel Rodrigue. Joel has been shredding all summer and making his way to Montreal and Quebec city events. Joel has a dialed street style and can throw the bars like nobody’s business.

Read on for the other 7 edits (in no particular order) and check back soon for the top 10.

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22 May Justin Schwanke and Thomas Henderson in Spain

Justin Schwanke and Thomas Henderson took a 2 week trip to Barcelona/Southern Spain and this is the result. This edit is dope for a few reasons: you actually feel like you’re in Spain for 12 minutes, Justin Schwanke always has his own unique style/Thomas also shreds, two Canadians took the initiative to make an amazing trip from rural Alberta to Spain and on their own dime, they rode alot of different original spots and not foot high ledges, and overall it just has an awesome vibe to it. Note British Airways also lost Thomas’ bike for the first 4 days of the trip. Think twice before you book BA!!!

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