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23 Apr Closet Boys: On the Loose

Here’s a fresh batch of cutty Vancouver street clips courtesy of Canada’s most nocturnal BMX crew, the Closet Boys.

Riders: Owen Dawson, Ky Brisebois, Derek Morgan, Tadros Eyob, Lynden Chartrand, Powl Podgorny
Filming and Editing: Tadros Eyob

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10 Oct 3Ride After Hours

3ride After hours session with the crew & friends featuring: Joel Dykstra, Teddy Eyob, Kyle White, Ky Bridesbois, Tristan Sweet, Neriah Mair and Adam Piatek. All the dudes go town town!

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29 Apr Jib Jammin Okotoks by Andrew Schubert

Andrew Schubert put together this dope spring edit of him and his buddies shredding the Okotoks park. Featuring Andrew Schubert, John Alden, Teddy Eyob, Aaron Cheng, and Jay Park, filmed and edited by Andrew Schubert. Such a good vibe throughout, get stoked on spring!

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26 Nov Calgary Young Guns

This edit is dope for a few reasons: the riding is awesome, these dudes used to be the little kids in Calgary and they’re now growing in to amazing riders, there’s a tweaker tweaking hard in the intro, it’s edited to one of my favorite Joy Division songs, there’s clips of John Alden riding 4 pegs in it, and lastly and most importantly, these dudes are having a shitload of fun riding their bikes and that’s what it’s all about. Featuring Teddy Eyob, Jay Park, Quintin, John Alden and more.

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