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11 Mar Stranded Mixtape


This is dope. The Stranded crew from Newfoundland just dropped this sick little mixtape they filmed through the summer. Some awesome vibes and spots in this. Riders include Ryan Antle, Jordan Hickey, Corey Antle, Jamie Flynn, Stephen Jackson, Robert Osmond, Ryan Hodder, Will Taylor, Jacob Manning and Tristan Fowler. You probably remember Jordan and Ryan from the recent, and ridiculous Ant Life Project video from their California Trip, so you know this is gonna be good.

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18 Jan The Stranded Video: Jordan Hickey

Here is Jordan Hickey’s section from The Stranded Video that came out late last year from Newfoundland and premiered at Turndown. This section is pretty amazing and filled with some amazing looking setups (like the rail at 4:00). The entire last minute was filled with some awesome clips that I wasn’t expecting. The two tracks threw me off at first (surprisingly I don’t hear too many parts edited to Drake, yet that guy is everywhere), but the riding holds up throughout. This video, and the rest of the Stranded video, really does a good job at showcasing the newest generation of riders in Newfoundland, and they will be slowly putting all the sections online over the next little while.

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20 Nov Stranded Video Premiere @ Turndown, NFLD – Nov. 22

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We posted about the St. John’s, Newfoundland scene video Stranded when Ryan Antle sent us the trailer earlier this year and he just let us know that they are finished and premiering it at Turndown this Friday, November 22nd at 6:00pm. $20 to watch the video, get a copy, and ride the Turndown park until 10:00pm. Not a bad way to spend your Friday night and support your local scene. Make it out, enjoy a Quidi Vidi, kick back, and watch what these b’ys have worked on. You can check out the trailer again below after the link.

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