Stay Mad Monday

Stay Mad Monday

”Mad Monday, girls Getting away wit murder, #1 in a store – douchebag cuts in line in front of you , automatic yo man I was here first , or the line starts behind me ,and personal fav Yo!!! WTF man !!!!!!!!! Now same scenario but wit a fine ass hunny – not a word …

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“Mad monday,  room mate loves hockey, room mate loves Canucks , he buys celebration device on Friday for celebration Canucks victories . This has happened to me twice since Friday ….Sunday night  bmx fu’s chris henrys gets a taste of celebration after sum burgers n beers” Roode

Mad Monday

“Hey hey hey peoples !!! Mad Monday soo here’s the scoop. This ones about my homie who will remain nameless so that we stay friends. K soo having some wobble pops wit the boys on sat. Homie brings up the fact that he wants to bang this chic out. Soo I hate this girl, honestly …

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