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13 Sep FEDERAL PRIZE PACK – Tristan Sweet

Tristan Sweet filmed a few ridiculous things at Vancouver’s infamous Cambie spot in one session. Put together by Shawn Duffield, the edit has a very one session vibe but with Tristan ridiculous tire ride skills.

Huge thanks to Federal for sponsoring this contest and Canadian BMX. Here’s a few of the items Tristan has won from Federal.


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12 Jan Okanagan Trip by Adam Piatek

“Took a trip out to the Okanagan with some buddys FERDA May long weekend in 2013. Rode a bunch a rad parks and simply had a good time. Biggest Thanks to the Homie: Trevor Angelucci for letting us crash at his dope Cabin.” – Adam Piatek

Riders: Adam Piatek, James Van De Kamp, Pawel Podgorny, Trevor Angelucci, Shawn Duffield.

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21 Dec Shawn Duffield Photography

Shawn Duffield by Sarah Fox.

Shawn Duffield’s name has come up quite a bit lately on this site. We’ve posted videos he’s filmed, random photos shot by him, and he even submitted a great shot for our Fall Photo contest. It was only after more closely examining his work and browsing his Flickr account that I wanted to ask him a few questions and give him a chance to showcase more of his photos. He’s a hard working young talent from the west coast with a refreshing view of BMX and it comes through in his photos and videos. Click below for some more images from Shawn, a quick interview about his photography, and expect to see his name come up more and more with great work like this.

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18 Dec Kyle Lee by Shawn Duffield

In an age where every kid can barspin and tailwhip, riders like Kyle Lee are far and between. Kyle can blast like nobody’s business and has a style that will never die. Filmed and edited by Shawn Duffield.

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10 Nov Random Photo: BVD By Shawn Duffield


Randomly came across Shawn Duffield’s Flickr and found a couple of gems. A perfect tuck by Brandon Van Dulken off the roof, over the fence and staring straight into that barely visible grass bank.

Shawn’s name might be recognizable from filming and editing most of BVD’s content lately. His photos prove his keen eye for a strong sense of perspective. A mix of nature and riding photos, there is more than enough quality material to warrant checking out.

Shawn Duff on Flickr

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