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20 Sep Dave Butler – 1080p

Dave has been cruising around the Vancouver, riding with the homies, and stacking clips with his phone. It appears Dave has traded in his potato, for a phone that films some crispy HD! Featuring: Dave himself, Andy McGrath, Jordan Hango, Cory Walsh, James Van De Kamp, Shelby Hare, Jordan Fair, Amos Franke, Chris Smith, Dave Laliberte, Andrew Schubert, Zach Rampen, Randy Moffat, Nik Muryn, and Cary Lorenz. Check it out!

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14 Mar Team Moffat: Randy Moffat by Braeden Barnard

Wow. Braeden Barnard sent through this video of Team Moffat CEO and TM Randy Moffat. If you have ever been to Vancouver and ridden the Plaza, you have likely met Randy. Aside from the bizarre intro, you can watch Randy jump a cheeseburger, spit a freestyle verse, and lay down some tricks at spots across Vancouver.

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