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07 Apr TBT Ant Life in LA

A look to back to last winter’s Ant Life in LA edit. It already feels like this was many winters ago with this current winter dragging on but for now enjoy a few minutes of sunshine, good spots, great riding and filming to get you through what is hopefully the last week of hell.

Featuring: Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey, Ryan Antle and Dave Scott

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20 Feb Antlife in LA

The Antlife crew recently took a trip to LA to escape the Newfoundland winter. This is the result. Check the site here for pictures and more story behind the trip.

“I mean pretty much we (Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey, Ryan Antle and I) just wanted to get out of Newfoundland to ride and chill somewhere that winter isn’t a problem. Our buddy Dave Scott from Newfoundland who has been living in BC the last few years met us out there part a few days in. We ended up drinking a lot of cheap booze, met a lot of dope people, smoke a lot of good dope, and had some fun on our bikes it was a solid time.”

– Paul Pike

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Gat damn Paul Pike know’s how to put an edit together. The Ant Life dudes took a weekend trip to Corner Brook, Newfoundland recently and this is the result.

“Took a trip from St. John’s to Corner Brook, Newfoundland with Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey and Ryan Antle for two days. Here’s what we did.”

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The bys in Newfoundland come through with the latest ANTLIFE edit, amazing riding and filming. Featuring Phil Bartlett, Paul Pike, Jon Fennelly, Blair Pennell, Bob Osmond, and Sean Slade.

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11 Feb Too Young To Get Old

I am by no means a talented filmer or editor, but I do pull out my point and shoot camera (or in most cases my phone) from time to time to record. I collected a bunch of random stuff I had filmed between January 2012 and January 2013 and put together this short video.

In the last year I visited both ends of the country to stay with friends and made plenty of new ones, as well as had numerous friends come and stay with me in Toronto. At times I may jokingly call myself an old man and complain about my aches and pains, but when I look at my life and the people I surround myself with I cannot help but feel young and invigorated. This video is full of those people and places, as well as a few cute animals.

In order of appearance:
Patrick Krzyzanowski
Chris Silva
Jeff Bedard
Leland Nightingale
Rich Redmond
Phil Bartlett
Chris Langoid
Prashant Gopal
Greg Flag
Craig Robinson
Buck 65
Dillon Lloyd
Trent Barker’s fist

Old Canes – Black Hill Chapel

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08 Jan Canadian Classics – Hiatus/St. John’s BMX

To an outsider, the Maritimes have always had an awesome scene. Back in the day, one of the highlights of that scene was a series of videos created by Chris Nicholas. Chris was an awesome rider – he bombed huge rails, rode impossible pools, and in Deadline (2003?) he did a 5050 to second stage over crooked – maybe the first one. Chris was also one of the first videographers I knew of who used a DVX100 for bmx, and he was always doing interesting things with still cameras. Production wise, Hiatus was far ahead of its time. The motion graphics were dialed, the filming was on point, and the whole thing had a polished look that was unique and just really cool. All this was happening in 2005, in Newfoundland, for a local scene video.

The St. John’s BMX series introduced many of us to two big names in Canadian BMX – Jeff Evans and Phil Bartlett. In Deadline, Phil looked like he was ten years old. Two years later, in Hiatus, Phil had grown two feet taller and it was unclear that he was even the same guy. Jeff was also pretty young in these videos; he brought East Coast street style reminiscent of riders far to the south of him and totally owned the opposite grind variations of the time.

Chris has a long and detailed post on the history of their video series (including all of the videos in full) here: The St. John’s BMX Tetrology. He also took the time to answer a few questions about their scene of ten years ago and what it was like growing up riding in Canada’s most isolated province. Check that out after the link.

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