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20 Feb Antlife in LA

The Antlife crew recently took a trip to LA to escape the Newfoundland winter. This is the result. Check the site here for pictures and more story behind the trip.

“I mean pretty much we (Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey, Ryan Antle and I) just wanted to get out of Newfoundland to ride and chill somewhere that winter isn’t a problem. Our buddy Dave Scott from Newfoundland who has been living in BC the last few years met us out there part a few days in. We ended up drinking a lot of cheap booze, met a lot of dope people, smoke a lot of good dope, and had some fun on our bikes it was a solid time.”

– Paul Pike

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Gat damn Paul Pike know’s how to put an edit together. The Ant Life dudes took a weekend trip to Corner Brook, Newfoundland recently and this is the result.

“Took a trip from St. John’s to Corner Brook, Newfoundland with Phil Bartlett, Jordan Hickey and Ryan Antle for two days. Here’s what we did.”

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26 May ANTs in TAMPA

Been really stoked to see this for a little while now. Jordan Hickey and Ryan Antle killing it in Florida while on 10 day vacation out of Newfoundland. Filmed and edited by Paul Pike. ANTLIFE

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13 Mar Bob Got Bricks

Stoked to see the bys in Newf putting shit out throughout the dead of winter. In a province that gets some of the coldest and longest winters, these by’s sure do know how to make Newf winters look fun. FRSH.Ca is a rad new site that Paul Pike has put together, stoked to see what’s to come.

“16 year old Bob Osmond has some fun on the Turndown ramps and makes an attempt at getting a few street clips before getting kicked out of the only spot in the city that isn’t covered in snow.” – Paul Pike

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The bys in Newfoundland come through with the latest ANTLIFE edit, amazing riding and filming. Featuring Phil Bartlett, Paul Pike, Jon Fennelly, Blair Pennell, Bob Osmond, and Sean Slade.

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