TBT – 39C Living Room Jam

[vimeo id=”8858005″] With Ottawa’s Epic bike park grand opening this weekend, what better time to post this epic TBT of possibly one of the raddest BMX jams ever. The 39C dudes turned their living room into a mini ramp and lived it up while Chris Chitaroni captured the night.

Epic Bike Park Promo

[vimeo id=”117139275″]Since early winter there has been rumblings of an indoor bike park in the works in Ottawa, ON. Social media brought that rumor to life and today we share the first edit/footage to come out of the new park. Along the way there some complaints about the ramps (more specifically the lack of rounded …

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Nick B – 2013

Ottawa’s Nick B. shredding the streets of Ottawa over the course of 2013. I guess Nick was dealing with some injuries over the year but you wouldn’t know it based on this footage.

Ottawa to Barcelona

Earlier in the year there were rumblings in Ottawa of a possible trip to Barcelona. Barcelona is obviously known as THE destination for an endless array of unbelievable spots and beautiful beaches, things that don’t immediately come to mind when you think of Ottawa. A few people had tentatively agreed, and as the summer crept …

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Shoot Yourself Video Contest

Capital BMX and Joe Mamma Bike Shop in Ottawa are throwing an interesting video contest whereby riders are given one week to film and edit a short section of their riding. Click the link to read the full details, and yes, the contest is open to all of Canada.