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26 Dec No Bikes Summer Mixtape

My 2014 featured three major trips.

Matt Desson and the BK crew brought the Cayford Jam back to Kelowna this year for the 10 year anniversary of Chris’ passing. The weekend featured lots of swimming, camping and riding along with everyone’s annual trip to the Winfield Skatepark. Big thanks to Macneil, 1664 and Outbound Cycle for pitching in prizes for the jam and Cyclepath Kelowna for feeding everyone.

On July 4th weekend, 20 of us packed into a few vehicles and headed to Eastern Oregon. This part of Oregon has a few of the unique park designs that you get when the most progressive NW skatepark builders are coupled with small towns that don’t know anything about skateparks. It also has fireworks and professional bull riding. Tony Archibeque Jr. came along for this trip and shot most of the killer footage in this section.

Last up, I made my first trip back to Alaska in five years. Alaska is a special place with a great crew of riders. We managed a pretty good session on one of the state’s best gatherings of random old ramps and fired up the grill for an afternoon.

Next summer is right around the corner. I hope this edit encourages a few of you to get out and explore off the beaten path.

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30 Oct Embassy Oregon Part IV: Airspeed Skateparks

Reedsport w Ridgeway

Mat Ridgeway – powerslide in the funnel

Airspeed Skateparks was one of the companies that helped bring us into the modern era of skatepark design. While Grindline and Dreamland were carefully constructing some of the most well known advances in this area, Airspeed was building obscure and outlandish parks in rural Oregon. Although the other two builders were doing exciting things and building parks that flowed well and worked for the majority of skateboarders, Airspeed focused on building obstacles that nobody had ever seen before, often on their own dime and sometimes without the city planners’ knowledge.

Although most of the guys on the trip didn’t know it, this trip through Oregon was mostly designed as a pilgrimmage to Geth Noble and Stephanie Mohler‘s three biggest masterpieces.

Airspeed was birthed out of the Golden TriangleMedford, Ashland, and Talent, which represented a giant leap for Oregon skateparks. Oregon’s now established skatepark builders were once just a bunch of skaters with a passion for building parks, many volunteering to gain experience.

Airspeed’s parks have been both lauded and criticized, and both sides of the coin have merit. They built things that nobody had ever seen or imagined, but the parks were often centered around those features with less thought and effort spent on other areas. The “street” obstacles at most of these parks are pretty laughable, and the transitions outside of the main bowl at Reedsport are very strange. Faults aside, Airspeed makes my favorite parks.
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20 Aug Embassy Oregon Part I: Jason Vawter’s Photos


In July, 15 of us packed a bunch of cars up and took a trip deep into Oregon. We take a trip like this every year and make a point to go somewhere new each time. The trip featured veterans like Alaskan wildman David Clay and newcomers like Dave Butler and Caleb Ruecker (along with many names that you’ll recognize from this site over the years). We bombed hills, roasted magnesium in the campfire, hung out on the dunes, waited on the side of the highway with a broken down minivan and rode some of the weirdest and wildest skateparks the Northwest has to offer.

We’ve got a good amount of content coming from this trip, and up first is a gallery shot by Jason Vawter. Jason shot so many great photos that we’ve left them in a gallery on Flickr for easy viewing. Check the gallery out HERE.

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11 Jul Embassy Oregon

As part of a summer tradition, a large number of us are heading out on a roadtrip tonight. Last year, we went East to Montana and this year we’ll be exploring the oddities that are the skateparks of the Oregon Coast. To make it a bit more interesting, we’ve split into two teams for the BMX Gallery Ride to Glory Contest.

Keep an eye on the Embassy Facebook page for a few updates along the way and watch for some content on the site later this summer. For now, check out the video from last year’s Montana trip, posted above.

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