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08 Jul BMXFU in Akron, Ohio By Trent Barker

Shawn Swain – bump jump to kink rail

Last month a small contingent of BMXFU folk took a trip to Akron, OH for a quick weekend of riding, filming, farting, and drinking. Trent Barker shot photos along the way and today we bring you a small gallery from their time there. Check out more after the link below.

A few weeks ago, a big FU crew drove down to Akron and spent the weekend grinding big rails and bigger women. Beers were drank, tits were sucked, farts were whiffed, and we rode a little bit too. I shot a few photos in between sampling the many wonderful beverages that Ohio gas stations had to offer.
– Trent Barker

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24 Mar Brad Hill – Ohio pics

Bikes in ohio

“This is the back of The Champ’s car as we drove through Cleveland Ohio. The second photo is a spot in Akron that you might recognize from ALYK videos and in Cult’s TIC. Shot on some expired slide film that Mikaël Cardin sent through.”
– Brad Hill


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