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10 Jul World Deece V3

“At long last, I proudly present to you, the 3rd instalment in the WDSR MXTP SAGA. Never have i had such a hard time uploading a video. between glitches, delays, editing problems, computer problems, CR issues and other non sense, I managed to finally get a version i was happy with onto ViMeO.
Featuring…. Kyle Sketsch, Nathan Hines, Drew Morton, Tyler McKinstry, Logan Mane, Thomas Arden, Rayden Wickop, Riley McMaster, Matt Desson, Zach Rampen, James Dean, Cory Lindhout, Mike Carroll, Quinn Nelson, Jacob Sparling, Jesse Hildebrandt, Clayton Ryerson, Brett Friedrich, Dylan Cross, Kai Powell, Jeff Jeglum, Zane Hudson and last but not least The Moffat Man.

Nathan (and a lot of other people) is probz gonna be pissed off about his song… but controversy is best publicity ^_^

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01 Jul Street Jingle Last Excursion – By Kerr Bilsland

Kerr just hit us up with his last and final North American Street Jingle mix. Kerr has recently relocated to Glasgow, Scotland from Victoria, BC. How fitting that Kerr drops this feel good homie mix on Canada Day. There are some real creative moves in this. Give it a watch!

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14 Apr MacNeil – Any Means Necessary

Posting this ‘exclusive’ trailer on here anyway because it features some of the Canada’s finest and it was put together by the man himself, Zach Rampen. Get stoked by any means, you won’t be disappointed! Featuring Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, Chijioke Okafo, Chris Silva, Adam Piatek, Jack Leonard, John Manaras, Jaumell Campbell, George Bolter, Amos Franke, Nathan Hines, Justin Hughes and more.

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16 Sep Nathan Hines: Street Sessions

This is one way to start your Monday morning. Autumn brings changes like the drop in temperature and colour of the leaves, and young groms from the skatepark to the streets it seems. Rayden Wickdrop filmed and edited this solid new video of Nathan Hines. That last move doe.

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09 Dec Sunday Submissions: Justin Schwanke + Wayne Hartman & Matt Perrin + Nathan Hines

“A coaster, a cassette, a race bike and an airplane. There’s a bit of everything in this…”
Justin Schwanke sent in this diverse video. What sold it for me was the tune and the bold choice to include race footage. Click below for a couple other submissions from Winnipeg’s Wayne Hartman & Matt Perrin and also Vancouver Island’s Nathan Hines.

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