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15 Mar Canadian Contingent @ Simple Session 2013


It’s that time of the year where the majority of the BMX population invades the small town of Tallin, Estonia for arguably the biggest BMX contest of the year, Simple Session. This year has a strong contingent of the new generation of Canadian shredders with Dillon Lloyd returning for the second time, along with first timers Brandon Webster and Mike Gray. This event is comprised of a who’s who list of the top riders around the world, so it’s great to see such strong Canadian talent included. Like past years, they will be streaming the event live online all weekend here, or you can catch all the highlights and best-of edits that will surely be pouring in online next week. Good luck to our countrymen!

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28 Nov The Hunt 2 / Mike Gray & Joel Marchand

We’re a bit late on this one but the Hunt 2 has been out on iTunes for some time now and is available for $9.99. Mike Gray (Toronto) and Joel Marchand (Montreal) are two Canadian shredders that made it into the top 11. If you haven’t already, support these guys and get your hands on the movie here.

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