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04 Apr Montreal Throwback Pics

dewey whip1

I’ve been sitting on these pics for literally forever. Likely a decade old, alot of these pictures represent some of the early MTL BMX scene and include some pretty amazing dudes including Corey Dewey above, with 2 pegs, a brake doing a whip. There’s a few UAB pics in here too for all of us who were fortunate enough to ride at some point.

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18 Dec Montreal

Some older Montreal footy (2011) featuring the mtl guys you can never see enough footage of, Mike Cardin, Corey Dewey and Mike Fiz. Filmed and Edited by Pierre Gauthier.

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05 Sep Photo Apps with Mike Cardin

Mike Fiz – tire slide

Mike Cardin is always producing quality images, and I usually figure that they are coming from one of his several film cameras. He has been posting a number of photos to Instagram lately that I assumed were scanned and cropped from negatives, but this past weekend I had seen him pulling out his iPhone on several occasions to get a quick digital shot too. He would then edit the photos directly on his phone and I was curious as to how he would achieve the desired results. To deny that Instagram and camera phone photos are not going to be effective would be dumb in 2013. I hit up Mike to ask what apps he prefers and what his general process is with making and sharing digital photos. Have a read.

I shoot with iPhone’s camera then use a few apps. Aviary (free), kind like Photoshop. Good to add sharpness, crop the format you want, etc. Then I use PicFX ($1.99) for filter/film emulation. And last I use Afterlight (free) to add white bands so my photos keep their format instead of a crappy square close up of the photo. Sounds kinda geeky, but I have a lot of fun shooting iPhone photos now.

Follow Mike on Instagram at @mikaelcardin, and you can follow us at @northernembassy.

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21 Mar Re Post: Mike Cardin’s Summer of MTL 2011

I was searching for an old post on the site recently and stumbled upon this video again after not having seen it since Mike Cardin fist made it. I’ve always loved the mood of this video, and the fact that he shot the whole thing off the cuff from his phone. The caption “it has a credit section feel to it more than anything” sums it up perfectly. With the entire country currently under various states of spring thaw (or some places still buried under deep snow and ice), this might be the pick-me-up you need right now to remind you how great summer is, wherever you are located.

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07 Mar Presence Spring Throwback

I’ve always been a big fan of seeing winter as downtime, basically a reason to keep me really stoked to ride outside all spring, summer and fall. The best way to get through the long winter is to keep busy with other projects, whether it be hockey, snowboarding or riding indoors. During the good old Presence days, in the heart of winter, during likely one of my favorite winters, I decided to film a few different edits to have some what of a series drop as soon as spring hit. With an awesome group of friends and the amazing UAB indoor park, it was an amazing winter. You’ll notice some footage of a very young Dillon Lloyd, Another fun fact about this edit is that the taz edit was actually filmed in the first weeks of the Taz being opened.

K.Will came to Montreal for a week and proceeded to shred UAB. I’m pretty sure there’s only a few people out there who have ever done a disaster barspin to barspin out and Kevin did them as good as anyone out there. “What else do you want?”

Dillon in his early stages of Diller. Dewey and Greg killing it as usual

Filmed in the first 2 spring sessions of the year (as you can still see a bunch of snow on the ground). A lot of these clips are pretty chill, but is there anything better than riding outside after the long winter hibernation?

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30 Sep Mikael Cardin Tumblr

Mikael Cardin now has a Tumblr page which you can view here. On his page you will find a bunch of dope pics, including the one above of Mike Fiz. Also if you haven’t already checked out the feature Prashant did with Mike a while back, be sure to check it here.

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10 Mar Montreal 2010

Here’s an edit I put together with footage I collected over the course of 2010. I did a lot of travelling and filmed for some other projects but this is all the footage I had that didn’t have a home, but I certainly wouldn’t consider it “scrap”.

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