Mike Cardin


Some older Montreal footy (2011) featuring the mtl guys you can never see enough footage of, Mike Cardin, Corey Dewey and Mike Fiz. Filmed and Edited by Pierre Gauthier.

Mikael Cardin Tumblr

Mikael Cardin now has a Tumblr page which you can view here. On his page you will find a bunch of dope pics, including the one above of Mike Fiz. Also if you haven’t already checked out the feature Prashant did with Mike a while back, be sure to check it here.

Montreal 2010

Here’s an edit I put together with footage I collected over the course of 2010. I did a lot of travelling and filmed for some other projects but this is all the footage I had that didn’t have a home, but I certainly wouldn’t consider it “scrap”.