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05 Apr Northern Embassy 2014 Winter Mix

Not another indoor park edit! With warmer weather starting to hit most of Canada (sorry to the bys in Newf, it’s coming!) we figured it would be a good time to wrap this one up. Featuring Corey Dewey, Albert Krolikowski, Greg Henry, Jordan Krupa, Mikael Cardin, Jeremy Deme, Dillon Lloyd, Jake Montgomery, Etienne Leblanc, Olivier Rousseau, Justin Kirnan, Francis Pasquino, Jason Kearnan, Pascal Harvey Cote, Luke St Clair, Zach St Clair, Jordan Petrov, Chijioke Okafo, and Spencer Bryant Longo. Thanks to Joyride 150 and Le Taz for keeping us sane all winter.

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17 Jun Mikaël Cardin Photography

photo by Sean Cooke

Mikaël (or Mike) Cardin (pictured above) has only been shooting photos for a couple of years, but in that time has managed to develop a refreshingly unique style and approach to BMX photography. Every time I’d see a new photo of his pop up, I would be impressed with the simple composition and use of natural light. I’m not the only one, as he’s even had his work incorporated in recent ads (seen here). This photographer profile is not meant to stir up the endless debate of film versus digital, but rather shine a light on a strong new talent. Click below to read some answers from Mike Cardin and check out a great selection of his recent photos.

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