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28 Nov Matt Walser’s Web Mix

Matt Walser hooked up this dope Web Mix he put together of him and his buddies from over the summer in Edmonton, AB. Apparently Matt doesn’t only shred on his bike but also behind a camera and editing program. Check it out and huge thanks to Matt for hooking this up!

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24 Nov The Seshin Years

Seshin Bikes had a stacked Canadian team for years. Ted Efthymiadis had a skill for finding shredders across the country before they blew up, at a time where web edits were still at a minimum. Between 2001 to 2008 Seshin had a lineup consisting of Corey Dewey, Greg Flag, Jeff Evans, Zane Hudson, Dillon Lloyd, Drew Bezanson, Matt Walser, Sam Lowe, Brent Webb, Kean Fougere, Jared Chilko, Mark Lockhart, Andrew Gobbo and Steven Moxley. Check out this feature for some Canadian bmx history.

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