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06 Feb Calgary Locals: 2018 VX Adventures

Austin Odegnal put together this 15-minute mixtape featuring mostly Calgary locals riding street spots and parks around the province. The full cast includes Matt Walser, Quintin Baptiste, Darcy Peters, Jay Park, Brenden Giese, Sean Gillis, Tony Inda, Travis Kozie, Tyler Horness, Richard Gallant, Nathan Dowdle, Chay Nelson, Brad Mulholland, Birken Kirk, Austin Odegnal, and Connor Campbell. There’s some good stuff in here. Check it out!

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23 Nov Main Line is Not Clear – Mike Orita

Day 2 of our 5th year anniversary week, we have an awesome Edmonton edit from Mike Orita. Mike is a member of the 30+ club but shows no signs of slowing down/ still rides his bike for all the right reasons.

“I’m lucky to have a great group of friends that all have the same common interests of having fun and riding BMX. Thanks to all the homies and everyone that filmed or had a floor to crash on. Truly am blessed for this life I’ve that BMX has given me and has surrounded myself with people that make every moment memorable and enjoyable” Mike Boag Orita

Featuring Sean Tiffin, Sam Jepson, Jaumell Campbell, Mike Orita, Taylor Elvy, Luke Santucci, Riley Abarnyk, Jared Chilko, Isaac Barnes, Andrew Schubert, Jordan Hango, Jon Alden, Trucker Dan, Nick Dagg, Matt Walser, and more.

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06 Jul NEWEVERYTHING by Mike Boag Orita

Here’s the one you’ve been waiting to for! Following up to last summer’s “Edmonton Summers” Mike does not disappoint with a bunch of awesome clips from Edmonton locals including Mike Orita, Jared Chilko, Jaumell Campbell, Matt Walser, Isaac Barnes, Riley Abranyk, Sean Tiffin and friends! Give this a watch if you’re into summer vibes and having fun with your friends.

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11 Jan Edmonton Summers by Mike Orita

We’ve been sitting on this beauty for a few weeks now, too long! Mike ‘Boag’ Orita brings you a bunch of amazing footage from the past couple summers in Edmonton featuring Matt Walser, Sean Tiffin, Jaumell Campbell, Mike ‘Boag’ Orita, Chaunch, Jared Chilko, amongst a bunch of other Edmonton locals. Matt and Jaumell really bring some heat but the entire edit has such a good vibe that it will make you wish winter was already behind us…

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Andrew Schubert hooked up this dope edit of a trip him and a bunch of buddies took in an RV.

“6 friends, Darcy Peters, Andrew Schubert, Aaron Cheng, Matt Hodgson, Matt Walser, Josh Jean and Guests, Isaac Barnes, Sam Jepson, and James Van De Kamp, pack into a majestic RV and embark on a 10 day roadtrip from Calgary AB, to Vancouver BC and back. Hitting parks and spots along the way, and having a good time every where in between.”
Andrew Schubert

This is what BMX is all about right here!

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15 May John Alden Spring Edit

John Alden is a shredder and this Ten Pack/BMX Gallery spring edit is proof. Filmed by a bunch of rad dudes, Austin Odegnal, Mike Boag and Matt Walser, John is wearing a rad hat throughout most of the edit and he does a downside handplant on a quarter/extension setup which is completely ridiculous. Watch this if you haven’t already!

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