Matt Ridgeway

Nixtape – from the Ghetto Manor

Just in case you weren’t already incredibly anxious for spring/summer, here’s an edit from the Ghetto Manor homies that will do the trick. The Nixtape, featuring Nick Lindstrom, Mat Ridgeway, Ryan Hiebert, filmed by all the Manor homies and edited by Zach Rampen.

No Bikes/Fat Trax NW trip

Aaron Gates of No Bikes fame hooked up this dope edit from their No Bikes/Fat Trax northwest trip a few months back. Featuring Matt Ridgeway, Andrew Lazaruk, Matt Desson, the ghetto mansion homies, and more. Aditional footy from Tony Archibeque Jr..

System Bikes

A while ago I noticed a weird looking sprocket on Matt Ridgeway’s bike, very different from most. I’ve never seen a sprocket that used a half tooth sprocket system, two links between each tooth. Matt gave me some info on the sprocket and we got more info on it from Andrew Macleod, owner of System …

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New JV photos

Jason Vawter just updated his Flickr with a bunch of dope new photos he shot including this nose 360 by C Hen and a bunch of other sick ones. Peep it and read on for a couple more.

Igloo Sesh

Igloo Sesh with Matt Ridgeway, Matt Desson, Luke Santucci, Kurt Murseli and Ras Gravesen. Anyone who has ever riden here knows how tight it is, Ghetto Mansion kills the place.

Jason V photo pimp

Jason Vawter is known as the main man in Vancouver for shooting photos, he’s always down to shoot anyone, anywhere, anytime. Check out a bunch of his dope pics after the jump.