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17 Oct Let’s Get Fistical – Split Part

Here’s a slice of Brodie Gwilliams film Let’s Get Fistical. A 5 man, 9 minute split part from Saskatchewan’s Bad 4 Life crew. Heavy on time lapses in the beginning, but it picks up with a real diverse mix of riding throughout the whole thing. I’m looking forward to when the last part of the video goes online and we can share with you one of the weirdest enders in recent BMX memory. You can also go back and read our interview with Brodie about the filming of his video here.

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26 Dec Bad 4 Life Video Out Now…. and on the News

When I saw that this had happened, my first thought was that they had re-created the set of CTV Morning LiveĀ and hired an actor. This would not be outside the capabilities of Brodie Gwilliam and team. The best part is when he fumbles the title of the video. It’s a great case “what is that word/can I say that on TV”.

Let’s Get Fistical is available now from Bad 4 Life, and it’s probably going to be awesome. I have a copy coming and will post a review when it gets here.

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