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17 Jan SV4: SMAY

It’s always dope to see filmers shred as well. Kyle Smail’s section from SV4 hasn’t surfaced until today, Smay is the man and we’re stoked to post this up!

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18 Jun Mat Hrehoruk R.I.P

“When Mat passed away his family asked I make up a little something to be shown at the funeral. Mat made such an incredible impact to the point were 3 hours worth of people were lined up to pay their respect. Myself and anyone else that knew Mat will never forget him. Riding little kids bikes just hasn’t been the same since RIP buddy.” Kyle Smail

Also, as a reminder there will be a memorial and I believe lantern release at the Courtice Community Complex next Friday (the 19th) at 8:00pm.


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30 Jan Andrew Coulas – SV4

In case you were sleeping on SV4 (click here) above is Andrew Coulas’ full section. Andrew is a beast and can honestly kill anything he rides. Stoked for SV5 and Andrew’s section as well. Filmed and edited by Kyle Smail.

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07 Oct NE Hidden Gems – 6th to 10th Place

Thanks for being patient with us on announcing these, below are sixth place through tenth place. The judges had their work cut out for them (thanks again to Dillon Lloyd, Mike Gray, Brandon Webster and Jason Enns), and here’s the proof. All 5 of these edits are amazing and could have easily won, every one of these guys put in work and it shows. Stay tuned for top 5 soon…

6th Mitch Radcliffe – Mitch has a rad all around style, he charges shit but also get tech (that 180 ice 180 is so smooth). Mix Mitch’s amazing riding with some awesome filming/editing and you get this amazing edit that just missed making top 5. Burly ass bangers at the end as well!

7th Drew Wood – Drew has that steezy style that most of us wish we had; his whips are almost as steezy as Dehart’s and he kills it throughout this part. Drew even had to do some landscaping to get that curved wallride done.

8th Kalvin Sexsmith – Mix Kalvin’s crazy riding with his amazing backyard bowl and likely the most legendary trails in Canada and you get one hell of a watch. Kelsey Clarke did an amazing job filming and editing this, enjoyed every second of this one.

9th Francis La – Francis has never put something together that hasn’t been a good watch and this part is no exception. Lots of creative riding and spots throughout, he may very well be the first rider to nose wheelie 180 rolling down stairs, another great Francis La part.

10th Jason Kearnan – Jason tears his local park of Courtice a new one. So much amazing riding in this one and an awesome summer vibe at your local part throughout. Filmed and edited perfectly by Kyle Smail.





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04 Sep SV4: Mat Hrehoruk

“Mat’s the fuckin man. Always down for a good time, and always down to cop a clip or two. This dude put in work this past year for his Smay Vision 4 section. Considering this and the fact that I wanted to start the DVD off with a bang, it only made sense to let the hommie step up to bat first. Between early 90’s back brake tricks that haven’t been seen since the likes of the Matt Hoffman era & his undeniable eye for a dope set up leaves this section as one of the most entertaining parts of the whole DVD.”
– Kyle Smail

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27 Jun James Wright in Smay Vision 3

This video sort of came at us out of nowhere. Kyle Smail has always sent in submissions to the contests we run, and been supportive of the site and products we’ve put out, but he casually sent us a message with a link to James Wright’s ender part to his small local Oshawa/Bowmanville, Ontario DVD he made called Smay Vision 3, and it blew us away. You can check out the whole video here, but this part from James Wright is definitely worth a post on its own. It really starts to get good after the two minute mark, and the last couple tricks are wild. You can contact him through his Vimeo account if you want to try to track down a DVD, and look for a Smay Vision 4, that they are filming for now, in the future.

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