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20 Jul Kyle Lafleur Leftovers

What’s for dinner? Leftovers. But the good kind. When Kyle Lafleur isn’t going hard in the Mac, you can probably assume he’s out riding somewhere in and around the Sudbury, ON region. He has amassed a big collection of leftover footage of himself from as far back as 2011 until today, put it to a Lil’ Wayne song, and uploaded it for the world to see. Check it out.

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08 Dec You Get What We Got – Sudbury Bmx – Part 3

If you’ve watched the last 2 sections of You Get What We Got, you won’t want to miss the 3rd and final section here featuring Kyle Lafleur, Ryan Eles, Zach Lacelle and finally the credits. These guys absolutely kill it. If you haven’t watched the 1st or section section, do yourself a favour and at least watch this one, a bunch of sick stuff form all 3 guys!!

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26 Aug Sudbury 2013

Rich Redmond and a gang of Ottawa boys took their inaugural trip to Sudbury to ride trails, skateparks, and jump off of humungous bridges. More coverage and photos here.

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12 Apr You Get What We Got – Sudbury, ON

Canadian BMX DVDs are few and far between, but when they do drop they make you really appreciate them. The Sudbury, Ontario crew just dropped You Get What We Got which features full sections from Ryan Eles, Kyle Lafleur, Nick Barnard, Mat Demore, Lee Giroux and Zach Lacelle, plus a bunch more Sudbury shredders. Good on Kyle Lafleur and Ryan Eles for making this happen, and I’m looking forward to seeing it! Hit up Kyle or Ryan on Facebook if you’d like to get your hands on a copy.

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27 Aug Ryan Eles pics by Kyle Lafleur

Kyle Lafleur hooked us up with some dope pics of Sudbury, ON shredder Ryan Eles. Ryan is definitely one of most up and coming Canadian shredders out there so keep an eye on this youngen! A huge thanks to long time Sudbury shredder Kyle Lafleur for hooking these up!

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