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01 Feb Confed – Cripple Cam by Kyle Hirschkorn

Kyle “Cheech” Hirschkorn knocks a few wobbly pops back with Mat Ridgeway, Rasmus Gravesen and Slade Scherer. The guys link up a few lines around Confederation Park and make the best of a sunny afternoon. Kyle is recovering from a recent surgery, with good vibes like these, I’m sure he will be back behind bars soon enough. What better way to keep up with the buds than, dusting off the camera and grabbing a few clips.

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20 Aug Embassy Oregon Part I: Jason Vawter’s Photos


In July, 15 of us packed a bunch of cars up and took a trip deep into Oregon. We take a trip like this every year and make a point to go somewhere new each time. The trip featured veterans like Alaskan wildman David Clay and newcomers like Dave Butler and Caleb Ruecker (along with many names that you’ll recognize from this site over the years). We bombed hills, roasted magnesium in the campfire, hung out on the dunes, waited on the side of the highway with a broken down minivan and rode some of the weirdest and wildest skateparks the Northwest has to offer.

We’ve got a good amount of content coming from this trip, and up first is a gallery shot by Jason Vawter. Jason shot so many great photos that we’ve left them in a gallery on Flickr for easy viewing. Check the gallery out HERE.

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