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03 Jan Weird & Revered: Cow Town Clippin’

Justin and the Weird & Revered fam set out for a chill weekend in Calgary and ended up making this tight little edit out of it. Love Thomas’ high speed manuals, particularly that rowdy nose bonk to manual down a kink ledge. Justins videos are always fresh as eff, so kick back with your coffee and peep this.

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11 Apr Weird and Revered: Golden State Obscurity

Man I love when Justin Shwanke drops edits. This one is from his trip last December to the Bay Area of California. It includes some creative park riding, some burly street, and some sunset clips at an incredible drainage ditch DIY on the coast. Just look at that thumbnail and tell me you don’t want to hit play…

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12 Apr Saturday Submissions: Justin Schwanke + Nasty Boys

Some light viewing material for you on this Saturday morning. Two very different videos. Justin Schwanke (above) from Alberta with some interesting freecoaster moves in a tight garage ramp that he rode over the winter. Nasty Boys (below after the link) riding Toronto’s Ashbridges plaza on a nice warm day. Oh glory, spring is here.

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