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25 Mar #NE2021 Re-Launch: Meet the Team

The Northern Embassy first launched in 2010 as an online platform for Canadian BMX videos, photos, and editorial content. Since then, the website has gone through a variety of phases; there have been highs and lows. With some renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas, we are hoping to bring back the site and make it better than ever. Welcome to the 2021 re-launch of the Northern Embassy.

To kick things off, we’d like to introduce the admin/contributor team consisting of Joel Fortin, Aaron Gates, Justin Schwanke, Ryan Eles, and Jeremy Deme. Dive in to learn more about the characters behind the site and their plans for showcasing Canadian BMX content from coast to coast.

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27 Feb Jonathan Hausmann’s Canadian Vacation

Germans are well-executed tech machines and Jonathan Hausmann is no exception. Last summer Jonathan travelled to British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario to put his two-wheeled tech skills to work. Unfortunately, Jonathan’s bike was stolen in Winnipeg which cut some of his planned riding short. Nonetheless, he still managed to gather a bunch of footage for this video. Guest appearances from Cory Beal, Mark Stanway, Jesse Baraniuk, Nick Rempel, Cole Jonsson, and Justin Schwanke.

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16 Mar Bad 4 Life at B-Line Bike Park

Hot dog lovers Brodie Gwilliam and Zach Lokken recently took a winter road trip to Calgary, Alberta to sample the finest of packaged meat slurries. Here is what they captured during a few days of taste testing at B-Line Bike Park. Additional appearances from Jack Nicholl, Austin Odegnal, Darcy Peters, Justin Schwanke, Travis Kozie, and more.

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21 Mar Weird & Revered: At Home with Justin Schwanke

I remember watching videos of Justin riding his backyard ramps for ages, and it’s insane to see how much the ramps, along with Justin’s riding have progressed. Too much awesome shit in this to name, on a coaster or a cassette it’s no doubt J-bone knows how to get creative on these ramps. DIG posted this fantastic video, along with some words by Justin about BMX as an art form.

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24 Oct Weird & Revered: Country Livin’

Justin and the Weird & Revered dudes have been dropping some dope stuff lately but this takes the cake for me. Schwanke and Colin Reimer ride some super tight minimalist woods setups in this Bush League inspired video. Can’t get over the first crash clip, gap to power box clips were out of control, and they ride an old rickety trailer probably 10 different ways. Reminds me of being 12, not even knowing what BMX was and piling plywood on top of homies bikes to make ramps. Loved this one.

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25 Aug Weird & Revered – Vagabundos en España

“Back in May I was in Barcelona for a study abroad program. This was my second time visiting the city. Although I didn’t get to ride as much as I intended due to school commitments, I made a deliberate effort to take in as much as possible this time around. With this video I wanted to capture not only some great travel memories, but also the vibes of the city. I’m a huge fan of live music and Barcelona is rich with street performers. The entirety of the video features street music I filmed when out riding or touring the city with friends. I also spent a great deal of time collecting B-Roll footage. I would often carry a camera in my pocket when wandering around or even commuting to school. As blown out as Barcelona may seem in the BMX world, it truly is a remarkable place; It’s a place filled with a vibrant outdoor culture, weird characters, and of course plenty of spots. I hope this video portrays some of the city’s nuances and perhaps inspires a few more people to experience it for themselves.” Justin Schwanke

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11 Jul Weird & Revered: 6 Wheels

Another sick one from Justin Schwanke and co. As Ian mentioned on their last edit, you can always count on original goodness from these guys and this edit is no exception. “Weird & Revered is an adamant supporter of equality as indicated in this latest cinematic production. Say no to discrimination.”

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04 Jul Weird & Revered: The Thaw

Here’s a nice one from the Weird & Revered gang of some spicy cruising at an indoor park called Ride n’ Play, which just opened in Edmonton. You can always count on these guys keeping it creative and fresh so hit the play. Can-Can Ice pick was tight.

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25 Apr Weird & Revered: Fiending 4 Fun

Man this is awesome. Justin Schwanke and friends just dropped this incredible full length mixtape that they’ve been filming for a hot minute. Features riding from Cali, Washington, and the crews home of Alberta. So much incredible riding in this, and of course a Weird and Revered video wouldn’t be complete without the antics. Hit that play button and follow the gang on Instagram and Facebook.

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