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07 Mar Joel Marchand Taz edit

Joel Marchand is a Taz/MTL local who kills his local park in this edit. Not sure I’ve ever seen a hang ten to barspin before and if you’ve veer ridden the Taz before you know how huge that no hander transfer out of the box jump over the rail and into the quarter is!

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28 Nov The Hunt 2 / Mike Gray & Joel Marchand

We’re a bit late on this one but the Hunt 2 has been out on iTunes for some time now and is available for $9.99. Mike Gray (Toronto) and Joel Marchand (Montreal) are two Canadian shredders that made it into the top 11. If you haven’t already, support these guys and get your hands on the movie here.

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14 Feb 514 Jam

Eric Trepanier filmed and edited this from the 514 jam that went down last saturday night at the Taz in MTL. Check it out for some dope riding and another angle of Dillon Lloyd up crankarm to opo whip. Featuring riding from Jason Herman, Rob Davidson, Joel Marchand, Jordane Dubois and Dillon Lloyd.

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