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25 Mar #NE2021 Re-Launch: Meet the Team

The Northern Embassy first launched in 2010 as an online platform for Canadian BMX videos, photos, and editorial content. Since then, the website has gone through a variety of phases; there have been highs and lows. With some renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas, we are hoping to bring back the site and make it better than ever. Welcome to the 2021 re-launch of the Northern Embassy.

To kick things off, we’d like to introduce the admin/contributor team consisting of Joel Fortin, Aaron Gates, Justin Schwanke, Ryan Eles, and Jeremy Deme. Dive in to learn more about the characters behind the site and their plans for showcasing Canadian BMX content from coast to coast.

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20 Nov Joel Fortin – 2019

Joel was out cruising all summer and put together this silky smooth video as a result. Guest clips from Dean & Chijioke are always a treat. Should be called “J-Gold 2019” not “J-Dust 2019”. Thanks to Merritt, OGCBMX, FTL, & Vans for keeping the the guy rolling!


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02 Sep Eli and Joel Go Biking

Eli Taylor and Joel Fortin went biking recently and filmed this lil piece for Merritt. Theres all kinds of gold in this one, including Eli’s bike.

Filmed By: Joel, Eli, &  Masoi

Edited By: Joel Fortin

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06 Mar TW 20 a G Mixtape

The anonymous group that goes by the name “TeamWeed” has just released a biking mixtape. This might be a good clue as to who’s behind this movement, but we’ll likely never know.

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15 Jan Joel Fortin for Merritt

There’s a few things you can count on every winter in Canada; the geese to fly south, snow and cold ass weather (or rain in Vancouver), hockey to be a major pass time for most Canadians and also for Joel Fortin to drop some serious heat from what he’s been filming up til winter. This edit is no exception, filmed over the course or 2017 in Toronto, Montreal, Buffalo and Barrie. Joel can slay a rail and I couldn’t imagine that last clip being any more perfect.

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11 Jan Joel Fortin – NE X OGC

Joel Fortin blesses us with not one but two edits from this past non snow season. This new one is a mix of footage from the summer and stuff filmed during a trip to NYC in the fall. Shout out to Mason and Jack for sending through some clips and huge shoutout to Joel for hooking this up!!!!!

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