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17 Feb Nanny Boys (Strange Locals) by Jesse Hildebrandt

This is awesome, great vibe all around, good times from Van Island. Further proof that park footy can be sick to when done right.
“Riding from Jordan Fair, Regan Miller, Chris Rigets, Mike Carroll, Ky Brisebois, Jesse Hildebrandt, Derek Morgan, Griffen Jepson, Logan Mane
Music: Connan Mockasin – I’m The Man That Will Find You” Jesse Hildebrandt

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23 Nov Wildwood Cycles – Jesse Hildebrandt


Most of us at some point or other have had the misfortune of discussing a BMX bike with someone who doesn’t ride. The typical “how does .25 of an inch make a difference?”. Whether it’s top tube, chain stays, head tube angle, stand over or other features, only dudes who actually ride BMX know that .25″ can make a huge difference on how your bike feels.

With every rider wanting their bike to feel a certain way, frame geometries have really changed over the years and vary much more today than ten years ago. With these changes, there’s been a growing demand for custom frames. Although it is a small group of riders who are willing to spend a bit more for exactly what they want, they are out there and take pride in riding a frame which is 100% the way they want it.

Jesse Hildebrandt is a Victoria, BC native who has been handcrafting beautiful bikes in his spare time for some time now. He has been running his own custom frame, the Day Moon, all summer. Jesse shreds so you know this thing is solid.


The frame features:
BB HEIGHT: 11.8″
REAR END: 13.4″
TOP TUBE: 20.75″

“Basically I based the geo off of angles I have always preferred, but decided to go with a taller stand over than anything readily available to the BMX market to be a bit unique. Honestly I almost didn’t even notice the height difference until I tried to hop it over some taller stuff but after getting used to it it feels amazing, it’s way more stable in the air and much more comfortable when sitting down. The frame weighs in at a hair over 4 pounds made of double butted supertherm tubing, with a mid BB, long taper head tube, curved seat and chain stay bridges, and bullet tipped 6mm drop outs”. Additional images can be seen here.
Jesse has been working on Carl Arnett’s frame (above) for the past little while and it also looks amazing.
Check the Wildwood Cycles site here check back soon for the Wildwood promo edit Jesse is currently working on and hit him up if you are looking for a Day Moon or custom Canadian made frame.
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09 Oct VISA VACATION – Kerr Bilsland

A bunch of rad Vancouver and Victoria, BC locals in this one. “Sometimes immigrant problems aren’t all bad.” Kerr Bilsland

Riders: Thomas Arden, Jordan Fair, Chance Campbell, Jordan Hango, Jesse Hildebrandt, Evan Farmer, Riley McMaster and Jason Teet.

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10 Jul World Deece V3

“At long last, I proudly present to you, the 3rd instalment in the WDSR MXTP SAGA. Never have i had such a hard time uploading a video. between glitches, delays, editing problems, computer problems, CR issues and other non sense, I managed to finally get a version i was happy with onto ViMeO.
Featuring…. Kyle Sketsch, Nathan Hines, Drew Morton, Tyler McKinstry, Logan Mane, Thomas Arden, Rayden Wickop, Riley McMaster, Matt Desson, Zach Rampen, James Dean, Cory Lindhout, Mike Carroll, Quinn Nelson, Jacob Sparling, Jesse Hildebrandt, Clayton Ryerson, Brett Friedrich, Dylan Cross, Kai Powell, Jeff Jeglum, Zane Hudson and last but not least The Moffat Man.

Nathan (and a lot of other people) is probz gonna be pissed off about his song… but controversy is best publicity ^_^

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01 Jul Street Jingle Last Excursion – By Kerr Bilsland

Kerr just hit us up with his last and final North American Street Jingle mix. Kerr has recently relocated to Glasgow, Scotland from Victoria, BC. How fitting that Kerr drops this feel good homie mix on Canada Day. There are some real creative moves in this. Give it a watch!

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21 May Dan Irwin and Mike Carroll by Kerr Bilsland

This great mix of the island boys, I mean “Dads“, was filmed during a road trip through California. Kerr and his buds ended up at a BMX sanctuary in Fresno, CA and camped out. Hang out through the lifestyle segment and watch Mike and Dan shred along with a few homies.

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