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In December 2011, 11 Canadians made the trip to Barcelona for no other reason than having fun riding bikes with friends. And that we did. Looking back on this trip makes you realize that through all the craziness of life, it will be trips like that this that you always remember and cherish as some of the best times ever.

There was never any intention of putting this full length DVD online, but if it can serve as motivation to anyone who has not yet grabbed a copy of the DVD to take a trip with buddies it will have been worth it.

When’s the next Embassy trip boys?

Featuring Greg Flag, Taylor Elvy, Dillon Lloyd, Jeff EVans, Cory Beal, Ryan Hiebert, Sean Cooke, Jeremy Deme, Albert Krolikowski, Luke Santucci, Prashant Gopal. Filmed by Sean Cooke, Jeremy Deme and Luke Santucci.

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08 Jan Jeff Evans – B’yz N The Hood

Your favourite b’ys favourite rider. News of Jeff Evans losing his sponsors just broke amidst the Great Canadian Sponsorship Shakedown of 2014, and immediately after this new Hevil video of him surfaces. If anything this video could serve as a reminder that a free frame and some bike parts isn’t going to change your life, but rather good bike riding will always stand out, regardless of any brand affiliations. I bet Jeff will still be doing that for years to come. There’s too much good stuff in here to list out, but the last line is very notable, and then there’s an extra minute and a half of a wild dude jamming on a guitar.

Also related, Jeff starred in this Lenovo cell phone commercial alongside Sam Lowe and Chance Campbell with them riding at Vancouver’s Plaza. What purpose does having two sim cards serve? I don’t get it, but it looks better than a flip phone.

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16 Aug Northern Embassy Summer 2013 Mix

Last summer we put together the ‘Stay Glad it’s Summer mix’ edit (see below) and it was probably the funnest thing I filmed all year. I’ve been meaning to put this together for quite a while now but better later than never. Northern Embassy 2013 Summer Mix compiled of a bunch of random footage from the past few months. Featuring Dillon Lloyd, Jeff Evans, Albert Krolikowski, Dave Laliberte, Mike King, Luke Santucci, Corey Dewey, Jeremy Deme, Matt Desson, Jason Teet, ‘Skinny’ Jeff Bedard, Jordan Hango, Greg Flag, and Sophie

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29 May Dillon Lloyd’s Layover/Hangover Day

Dillon had a layover day in Vancouver Saturday May 25th, on his way from Montreal to Hong Kong for the Eclat Kings of Kong trip. He actually did a fair amount of drinking the night before, which lead to a layover/hangover Saturday.

What started out as a rainy day ended up being an awesome day, between finding a bunch of dry spots and riding with some good friends/Canadian legends, we made the best of Dillon’s Vancouver layover/hangover.

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28 May Friends… and such – Braeden Barnard

Another gem from Braeden.

“CLICK 720p. Its hard to carbon date dust. Emptied my old camera and put this together while my leg is broken. Good friends all around. Some of this has already been in the heavy hitter videos but I don’t think they would mind seeing alternate angles. Ride a BMX.

Riders (in order of appearance): Travis McLelland, Cory Amisano, Andy Roode, Mick Bayzand, Corey Clarke, Taylor Ross, Brent Webb, Cam MacCallum, Ben MacPherson, Carl Arnett, Nick Lindstrom, Chris Smith, Matt Thomas, Ronnie Nickerson, Dylan Cameron, Jordan Hango, Dave Laliberté, Jeff Evans, Mat Ridgeway, Matt Desson, Jason Vawter, Lucas Lundy, Jason Enns, Jeff Kemp, James Chevy1500, Ryan Hiebert.”
– Braeden Barnard

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11 Apr Throwback edit: Jeff Evans Embassy 2011

I can’t believe this edit is already 2 years old… Jeff and I started throwing around the idea of possibly filming an edit at the time and a few weekends later, this was the result. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anyone as good at using all 4 pegs as Jeff, everything seems way too regular/natural for him. Jeff has had so many dope edits over the years, I’m stoked to have had the chance to film one of my favorite Embassy edits to date with this Newfoundlander in Vancouver, BC.

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14 Jan MacNeil/Ten Pack Surrey jam wednesday


If your in the Vancouver/Surrey surroundings this week be sure to head out to the MacNeil/Ten Pack Jam at Chuck bailey park (13458-107A Ave, Surrey) on Wednesday from 5pm-8pm. Weather is looking good (which is rare for January) and there’s going to be a BBQ, music, Animal’s new QSS4 DVD premiere and a good ass time. MacNeil/Ten Pack homies Andy Roode, Greg Flag, Jeff Evans, Luke Santucci, Adam Piatek, Ryan Hiebert and more homies will be in attendance.

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08 Jan Canadian Classics – Hiatus/St. John’s BMX

To an outsider, the Maritimes have always had an awesome scene. Back in the day, one of the highlights of that scene was a series of videos created by Chris Nicholas. Chris was an awesome rider – he bombed huge rails, rode impossible pools, and in Deadline (2003?) he did a 5050 to second stage over crooked – maybe the first one. Chris was also one of the first videographers I knew of who used a DVX100 for bmx, and he was always doing interesting things with still cameras. Production wise, Hiatus was far ahead of its time. The motion graphics were dialed, the filming was on point, and the whole thing had a polished look that was unique and just really cool. All this was happening in 2005, in Newfoundland, for a local scene video.

The St. John’s BMX series introduced many of us to two big names in Canadian BMX – Jeff Evans and Phil Bartlett. In Deadline, Phil looked like he was ten years old. Two years later, in Hiatus, Phil had grown two feet taller and it was unclear that he was even the same guy. Jeff was also pretty young in these videos; he brought East Coast street style reminiscent of riders far to the south of him and totally owned the opposite grind variations of the time.

Chris has a long and detailed post on the history of their video series (including all of the videos in full) here: The St. John’s BMX Tetrology. He also took the time to answer a few questions about their scene of ten years ago and what it was like growing up riding in Canada’s most isolated province. Check that out after the link.

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