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07 Jan Ken Paul – Chase Photo Gallery (2000 to 2004)

Adam Perez – Vancouver Metro Jam 2003
Adam was a young rider from Oregon that was picked up by MacNeil. Like a few others, he was blasting this hip all weekend, and to me, this shot sums up the whole vibe of that contest.

“From early 1999 until late 2003, Chase BMX Magazine was a quarterly publication focusing primarily on the Canadian scene. I was fortunate to be the editor for its four year run, and along the way I started taking photos. We had mediocre photo equipment, and possessed little of the skills cut out for it, but what I did have was a lot of talented subjects to shoot with. Chase was published by World Bicycle Sports Incorporated, who also founded Up North BMX Supply, Ten Pack Distribution, MacNeil Bikes, Metro Jam, and the Pivotal seat. At the time, the magazine served as an advertising medium promoting the brands that Ten Pack distributed, while at the same time trying to grow the sport in Canada and abroad. While we printed about 10,000 copies for Canada, 5,000 copies made their way to the US and 1,000 more to the UK. It was a great ride while it lasted. In the late summer of 2003, we decided to fold the magazine and focus our attention more on the other ventures at World Bicycle Sports. I was going to include all of my favourite shots from over the years, both during Chase and post-Chase, but we don’t have enough bandwidth for that. Instead, these shots were all taken from 2000 until early 2004. These were all shot on film, and some of them I cringe when I see the imperfections, whether it’s composition or technical. In the end, it’s a snapshot of a time that I look back upon quite fondly. We were really just a bunch of guys having the time of our lives growing and creating, whether it was history or friendships.” -Ken Paul

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11 Aug Wisdom Of The Ages: Jason Enns – DIG


Jason Enns has a very interesting article on Dig here . He discusses the work put into finding and riding a bowl, which is truly as much work as being in the streets. He also mentions people growing away from BMX with age and his personal situation where he can never see himself off a bike, which I’m sure many of us can relate to.

“You know how many people I know who stopped being a professional rider, and never touch a bike again? That’s seems insane to me. So you’re mid-twenties with no work history. Now I’m almost forty, an immigrant with no work history; no one is going to hire you. You get hurt a few times, and you question what you are doing it for. If all you’re going to do is end up with nothing, why don’t you do what’s fun?

I’ve come full-circle. You start at a fun level, and then as you graduate to a certain level, some of that gets lost along the way. I feel like I’m back to that position where it’s like, “Fuck it, it’ so fun, I just can’t see myself ever not riding.” When the basis of what you’re doing is fun, it translates to the viewer; people have fun watching it.”

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30 Dec Magical Grass Patches & BMX tricks – Jason Enns & Andrew Lazaruk

Canada’s very own Jason Enns and Andrew Lazaruk show you that it’s still ok to land in grass. Lazer blasts a cutty curve wall and gaps out to the conveniently grassy street. It turns out you just need to bring the grass along with you, and it’s all good!

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16 Jul Couple Beauties – Jason Enns

Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 7.37.11 AM

“This hip over looking downtown Vancouver is on a school roof in an affluent neighborhood just north west of the city. We hit it real early morning to try and stay undetected but our cover was blown by an angry elderly lady who had spotted us setting up. She was yelling and already on her phone. We got the shot,broke down, climbed off the roof and pack up asap. We weren’t 2 blocks away before we passed a police cruiser, lights blazing, head towards the school. We thought we were busted by he blew past us without even a look. Pic by Brian Castillo circa 2003.”
– Jason Enns

PLUS! cover

Jason just got the cover of BMX Plus with this rad shot. If you look closely you can see a familiar Northern Embassy sticker on the head tube, so sick! Thanks Jason.

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07 Mar Rare Air With Jason Enns

The Don himself, Jason Enns, talks about how his obsession with BMX first began as just a young boy, and his attempt to jump over his first set of doubles in Winnipeg, MB. We also get a small glimpse of Jason’s childhood interest in ninjas.

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