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27 Aug Matt Perrin: World Deece “Regular Programming” Video

World Deece’s dominance of Illuminati inspired BMX programming continues. This time around, third eye rider, Matt Perrin shows off his grind and bar ting skills on the west coast.

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22 Apr World Deece: Most Podernism Mixtape

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some vaporwave inspired bike riding out of Vancouver… Rest assured, James Dean has put his love for synths to use in this new World Deece mixtape, “Most Podernism.” The full cast includes Shelby Hare, Drew Morton, Matt Perrin, Trent Krog, Ky Brisebois, Lynden Chartrand, Keenen Raymond, Andrew Gobbo, Tristan Sweet, Jake Mallichan, and James Dean.

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07 Jan Hit a Lick Mixtape – by Tristan Sweet

Vancouver summer vibes all in this, take me back! Featuring a slew of the younger Vancouver/Van island talent: Mitch Radcliffe, Kyle White, Shelby Hare, Nathan Hines, Keenen Raymond, Rayden Wickop, Chay Nelson, Drew Morton, Kent Fuller, Layne Vilness, Regan Miller, Ky Brisebois, James Dean, Trent Krog, and Lynden Chartrand.

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25 Jan Downward Spiral

Cache purge of footage from the PNW including Vancouver, Victoria and Portland.

Amos Franke, Zach Rampen, Thomas Arden, Colin Fried, Adam Piatek, Brandon Van Dulken, Orlando, Slade Scherer, Matt Desson, Barrett Skylerchuk, James Dean, Jordan Fair, Taylor Elvy, Duke Thompson-Kurz, Swerve, Jeff Jeglum, Andy Roode, Nik Lindstrom, Braden Barnard, Owen Dawson, Nigel Sapriken, Andrew Gobbo, Greg Flag, Kris Conn and Sean Cooke

By Oh So Visual

Audio by Eh Roy and MOSFETT

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Including the infamous near death crash or Carl Arnett, 3/3 features a BMX Gallery Section, 3ride jam, Carl Arnett section, and tons more.

“A story 4 months and 20 000 km’s in the making. Recorded thru the lens of a dad cam and a DVX. Edited on a Macintosh computer.
Carl Arnett, Drew Morton, Riley Mcmaster, Thomas Arden, Quinn Nelson, Kyle Sketsch, Brandon Van Dulken, Jordan Hango, James Hummell, K-Mak, Dylan Thomas, Luke Santucci, Brad Hill, Brock Gandy, Tristan Hidildo, Logan Fudge, Teddy Eyob, Gage Ollenberger, Andrew Schubert, Matt Desson, Mike Carroll, James Dean, Mitchell Johnson, Grattin Cox, Ryan Hiebert, D-Block, Russell Blake, Carson Ash, Rob Diquattro, Andrew Gobbo, Sam Butcher, Alex Goode, Kai Powell, Adam Piatek, Owen Dawson, Chay Nelson, Chris Smith, Surrey Steve, Kyle Freeman, Dave Laliberte, Richard Gallant, The Moffat Man, Jeff Evans, Charlott Luise, Farnaz Masoodi, Carey Lorentz, Andy Mcgrath, Mat Ridgeway, Regan Miller, Taylor Elvy, Dave Scott, Joel Dykstra, Kyle White, Andrew King, Kam Horne, Ayla Wagner, Dave Butler, Jason Vawter, Logan Mane, Lyrus duh Dog, SF Clock Tower Locs and many more…
Filmed // Vancouver, Calgary, San Fransisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, Kelowna, Vegas, Medicine Hat, Port Alberni, Tofino, Grand Canyon, YellowStone, Whistler, Squamish and everywhere in-between.

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10 Jul World Deece V3

“At long last, I proudly present to you, the 3rd instalment in the WDSR MXTP SAGA. Never have i had such a hard time uploading a video. between glitches, delays, editing problems, computer problems, CR issues and other non sense, I managed to finally get a version i was happy with onto ViMeO.
Featuring…. Kyle Sketsch, Nathan Hines, Drew Morton, Tyler McKinstry, Logan Mane, Thomas Arden, Rayden Wickop, Riley McMaster, Matt Desson, Zach Rampen, James Dean, Cory Lindhout, Mike Carroll, Quinn Nelson, Jacob Sparling, Jesse Hildebrandt, Clayton Ryerson, Brett Friedrich, Dylan Cross, Kai Powell, Jeff Jeglum, Zane Hudson and last but not least The Moffat Man.

Nathan (and a lot of other people) is probz gonna be pissed off about his song… but controversy is best publicity ^_^

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09 May World Deece Starting Roster V2

Following up the first World Deece starting Roster Mixtape is a tough act to follow but James Dean and fellow Vancouver shredders (Carl Arnett, Chance Campbell, Chris Henry, Drew Morton, Grat Cox, James Dean, Jordan Hango, Ky Brisebois, Mike Matsen, Orlando, Brad Hill, Regan Miller, Ryan Hiebert and Thomas Arden) have really killed it in this V2 mixtape. There’s a ton of rad stuff from the World Deece super pro team throughout so hit play already and get trippy.

Filmed and edited by James Dean, check out Worlddeece.com

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