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18 Jul IMPORTED winter at Taz

Vlad comes through with another dope Imported mix edit, this time from their winter at le Taz in Montreal.

Featuring : Justin Hughes, Joel Marchand, Kevin Girard, Arnaud Paquin, Vlad Poloukhine and more.

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11 Feb Imported MTL Squad – Joyride 150 Weekend

Montreal’s Imported Crew took a trip to Joyride 150 a couple weeks ago and this is the result. Vlad killed it on the filming and editing, Justin Hughes, Brad Blouin, Zach St Clair, Mike D and others killed it in the riding department. Justin’s last two clips are nuts, can’t remember the last time I saw a crank arm 180 bar.

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20 Mar Imported Winter ‘Session’

Some heat out of Montreal from the Imported crew. It’s Quebec in the winter time, so as to be expected it’s all indoor footage from Le Taz, but there’s a big mix of riders in this including: Jordane Dubois, Dillon Lloyd, Justin Hughes, Vlad Poloukhine, Turik Koulaev, Dave Dodier, Max Dumais, Graham Bird, Nick B, Kevin Girard, Carlos, Deleon, Camilo and Joel Marchand.

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05 Nov Imported at Pepsi Pro AM MTL by Vlad Poloukhine

Vlad at Imported put together this dope edit from the 2013 Pepsi pro Am in Montreal that went down a couple weekends ago. Lots of shredding from a bunch of MTl locals check it out.

“This is the 1st video from Pepsi pro am contest that happened in Montreal at Le Taz skatepark. Justin had a pretty bad faceplant during the practices so he wasn’t able to ride in Qualifiers . DIllon got 2nd and Jord got 4th place. Dave and Carlos were on the podium for am.There will be another edit with all other highlights.” Vlad

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