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30 Mar Hevil HD

This is whatsup! Surrey and the Vancouver Hevil homies just dropped this epic 6 minute edit (feat. Dave Myers, Andy Roode, Jeff Evans, B-Real, Chris Smith, Biz, Calyton Fifield, Andy McGrath, Jason Enns, Sean Emery, Sam Lowe and more) and a new website hevilbmx.com . Check them both out now and get stoked for HEVIL HD.

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18 Jan Hevil HD By Surrey Steve

A little late on posting this one that went online a few days ago, but here is the trailer (?) for the new Hevil HD video from Surrey Steve. Last year saw the release of a Hevil DVD with footage from 2004-2008, and now it looks it’s all HD from this point out. No word or details on when the full video will be released, but this trailer is loaded with too many riders to list from all over Vancouver, and even a big of California and Texas footage. We’re looking forward to more Hevil releases in 2014.

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