[vimeo id=”67541015″] Nevermind the bullshit, ride your bike. This Gleamin joint that Luke Santucci put together is an amazing watch and NMTBS is the truth. Featuring Jordan Hango, Taylor Elvy, Matt Desson, Mike Boag, Jared Chilko, Luke Santucci, Jaumell Campbell, Dillon Lloyd, Jeff Evans, James Steele, Greg Flag, Blair Pennell, Rob Taylor and Joe Rombs. …

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Luke Santucci – $MALL TALK Intro

Lucky Luke Santucci has a couple rad clips in the $MALL TALK Cult intro above. After having a couple other dope clips in the trailer a while back, I can’t wait to see Luke’s part. Not to mention the GLEAMIN DVD that is currently in the works.