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17 Feb Shaking Off the Cobwebs – Inverse Films

“Winters up in Canada always seem a little long so it was rad to get a session in February. Dylan Oler, Scott Davis and myself just went for a chill bike ride and ended up riding the Taber park. Just another day on the bikes, feels good to ride again.
Filming and editing this one was a lot of fun. Enjoy.
Riders/Filmers : Scott Davis, Dylan Oler, Eduard Dyck
Edit : Eduard Dyck
Song : Angel by Massive Attack”

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03 Dec Carson Bell 2014 by Eduard Dyck

“Spent most of the year ridng the new Lethbridge SLP park. So many fun lines and Carson knows how to ride them well. From blasting quarters to learning freecoaster tricks, it’s always a treat watching him ride. Hit that play button and enjoy!”

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