Ryan Eles – Eclat

My dude Ryan Eles just dropped this heater that he’s been working on throughout the summer and it’s damn good. Sudbury has more to offer than just nickel and rough roads. The place is stacked with big rails, ledges, and crazy unique setups. Check it.

Ryan Eles 5 Clip: Federal/Eclat

A huge thanks to Federal and Eclat for amazing prize packs for our Five Clip Fever contest. Ryan Eles has a fever and let us put together this 5 clip edit with him to promote the contest. Get out and clip up!

Ryan Eles – Welcome to Eclat

Ryan Eles got added to the Eclat team right before winter hit. He put in work at Joyride 150 over the winter (between work hours and shoulder/rib injuries) and came out with this. Filmed and edited by Jeremy Deme, big thanks to Joyride 150 for letting Ryan film there!