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08 Apr Drew Bezanson

Via DK “Drew Bezanson is no stranger to getting wild on a bicycle. He clocked some serious mileage for this new video, riding spots all around the globe and once again proving that he can destroy anything put in front of him. There’s something for everyone, from street, to park and dirt. If it can be ridden Drew will probably drop into it from several stories up, or jump the entire setup. Don’t miss this one!”

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27 Mar Drew Bezanson presents Nothing but Fun at Joyride150

Drew Bezanson - Action
For anyone who’s ever wished they could have the opportunity to ride with Drew Bezanson, this Saturday is your chance! Joyride 150 are hosting the Nothing But Fun, Drew Bezanson invitational Red Bull event and you have the opportunity of riding with Drew and friends (Anthony Napolitan, Mike Hucker Clark, Tyler Fernengel, Michael Beran, Brian Hunt, Morgan Wade and Dean Cueson). This should be quite a time, even if you don;t plan to ride, I can only imagine the kind of things this crew of guys will be doing in the big room. The jam starts at 1pm, click here for full details.

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23 Jan Drew Bezanson and Friends Ride a Mini Ramp

When you see footage of Drew Bezanson riding it’s usually at Joyride 150 or winning a contest in some far part of the world. This ‘casual’ mini ramp edit of him riding with Hucker and Daniel Sandoval at the Vans skatepark in California is obviously mellower than the videos that he’s famous for, but still a very cool look at what I can presume is a regular session for these guys. They nonchalantly ride a humungous sub box and Drew starts firing stuff out over that rail as if its actually meant for it. Get in to it.

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21 Jan Nocturnal V2

Some of Canada’s finest riders right now: Dillon Lloyd, Brandon Webster, Drew Bezanson, Mike Gray and Ben Kavanagh are featured in this Nocturnal V2 Joyride edit by Justen Soule.

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13 Jun Drew Bezanson Jumps Over Joyride 150


Wow. This video is either already, or going to be everywhere, and we are definitely not above posting it on here. This is the sort of video I hope your aunt that forwarded you a Danny Macaskill video, or emailed you the Tim Knoll video last week will watch and want to send you. Drew Bezanson basically jumping over and out of EVERYTHING at Joyride 150. I had heard rumours of some of the stuff he had supposedly done for this video at the park, but that did not prepare me. The speed for some of these gaps, the squeezed drop from the second level, or the insane height of the custom hitching post they built for this is hard to understand. Drew has done it again. Watch this one more than once.

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