Dorian Giordano

Dorian Giordano – 12 years old

Dorian Giordano is a boss. This was all filmed before Dorian’s 13th birthday, the future is very bright with this young man. If you haven’t had the pleasure of riding with/ meeting Dorian yet, make it a point to. Best attitude, tons of skill/talent, making Mount Albert, ON/ Canada proud!

Dorian Giordano | Welcome to 3 Ride

[youtube id=”-wWwdHW_e-Q”] Chances are that if you’ve ever ridden Joyride at some point or other, you’ve probably seen or met Dorian Giordano. Dorian is only 11 but his bike riding is not what you’d expect from a typical 11 year old. Expect big things from this little shredder! Filmed and edited by Tyler Rizzi.