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23 Apr Closet Boys: On the Loose

Here’s a fresh batch of cutty Vancouver street clips courtesy of Canada’s most nocturnal BMX crew, the Closet Boys.

Riders: Owen Dawson, Ky Brisebois, Derek Morgan, Tadros Eyob, Lynden Chartrand, Powl Podgorny
Filming and Editing: Tadros Eyob

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23 Feb Island Files 2 & 3: Derek Morgan

Derek Morgan just dropped installment 3 of his Island Files series, put together in Victoria, BC. We slacked on getting Volume 2 up so here it is below as well.

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29 May symbiosis by Derek Morgan

“I present to you, Symbiosis. A video in which two different organisms of street riders mutually benefit between each other as they take the streets of Victoria and Vancouver B.C.”
By Derek Morgan

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15 Apr Derek Morgan – 2016

Ouuu we’ve been looking forward to this one all week. The 15 year young Victoria, BC street prophecy that is Derek Morgan has been putting in work for this one. The youngen is not scared to put his pegs on big rails and for his age, the future is bright with this one!

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31 Mar pupils

We’ve been looking forward to this one since the T Sweet interview. Featuring Owen Dawson, Kyle White, Chad Ferch, Dylan Cross, Derek Morgan, Tristan Sweet, Drew Morton, Joel Dykstra and Adam Piatek, documented through the keen eye of Tristan Sweet, this does not disappoint. Take a look at the up and coming generation of Vancouver riders and you’ll like what you see.

“no object is mysterious, the mystery is within your eye” Pupils

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