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31 Aug BMX-MEN: Dave Osato (1996)

In a follow up to our post from last Thursday with Dave Osato’s 1995 Props interview, Matt Sinclair reminded us of this Osato part in BMX-MEN that came out the following year (and Least Most uploaded 4 years ago). This part is filled with so many amazing tricks: 540 tailtap decade at 2:06, icepick to decade at 2:40, over tooth x-up 360 half barspin (?) at 2:50, and pretty much the last half minute are all some of the most technically advanced tricks of the time, and some would argue are still to this day. Please give this one a watch, and maybe go ride a mini ramp afterwards.

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28 Aug Dave Osato Interview: Props Issue 10

Spotted this classic interview from 1995 with an 18 year old Dave Osato show up on the Props Youtube page and knew it was an immediate post. Dave talks about being a rookie pro, the difficulty with traveling to contests as a Canadian, and decisions with making a jump from small to big sponsors, all while demonstrating some of the most technical mini ramp riding that BMX has ever seen (that Canadian nose pick to barspin at 3:21!). Check out this interview from nearly 20 years ago with one the Canadian greats whose impact and influence is still felt to this day in BMX.

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20 Oct Dave Osato in Demolition Last Chance

The other day I spotted this photo of Dave Osato on Ken Paul‘s Instagram feed and it reminded me of this amazing section from him in Demoltion’s Last Chance DVD. It sparked a conversation with a friend about how incredibly amazing Osato was/is. When this video part came out in 2011 he was already less and less in the BMX spotlight, but this came out and surprised everyone and reminded us all that Osato still has it (and will probably never lose it). All the amazing skatepark and subrail/hitching post tricks are so against the grain of modern day popular BMX, and the 50 Cent track was already a number of years after it’s prime popularity, but all that makes this section even better. One of the most technical mini ramp riders with the appearance of a line backer, a career of contests and video parts behind him with nothing to prove creating one of the most honest and real portrayals of their riding. I believe this is the most recent footage of Osato that the public has gotten to see, but I hope it’s not the last.

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09 Feb Legendary Dave Osato

Demolition brings you legendary Canadian Dave Osato’s part from their DVD Last Chance. Any Dave Osato footage is timeless and this is some of the most recent Dave footage to surface. As many Canadian riders surely do as well, we are hoping to see more Osato footage for years to come.

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16 Nov An Ode to Dave Osato

Let’s talk about Dave Osato. If there ever was a guy who was ahead of his time, it was Osato. Dave came from a generation of ramp riders with front brakes and full pads, but his influence had much wider scope than that. I’d be willing to bet that most people don’t even think about some of the ways he’s pushed different aspects of riding, so I’ve scoured Youtube for some poorly compressed old footage and compiled a simple list.

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10 Jan David Hawthorne Photo – Dave Osato

Mr. David Osato tailwhip tailtap on a boat launch. Dave took looking for spots to a whole new level. The bank is made of rocks, he rolled downhill to hit it, and if it went bad he’d be in the lake. Awesome. About five hours after this photo was taken Dave was dressed in his gorilla suit sneaking around a camp ground in the mountains scaring the shit of people. I’m still surprised no one thought he was a bear and shot him.
– David Hawthorne

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